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Festival Internacional de Series 2020

7th Serielizados Fest announces the presential activities in Barcelona and Madrid

The Serielizados Fest presents a more selective live program for this 2020 marked by the pandemic, maintaining its commitment to bring the public closer to their favorite creators and following all the safety protocols recommended by the authorities.

The presential edition of this 7th International Series Festival will take place from October 20 to 25 in Barcelona (CCCB, CASA SEAT and Sala Phenomena) and from October 26 to 28 in Madrid (Sala Berlanga and Academia de Cine).

Serielizados Fest attendees will be able to enjoy the festival with Popitas, which will be present as the official snack in Barcelona and Madrid.


Tuesday, October 20

Serielizados Fest 2020 will inaugurate its seventh edition at the Sala Phenomena in Barcelona with the exclusive Spanish premiere of ‘Everything’s gonna be okay‘, the new series by Josh Thomas, creator of ‘Please Like Me‘. The Australian creator is one of the virtual guests of this edition and will be present in the Virtual Show of Serielizados Fest 2020 on Youtube.

Wednesday, October 21

The festival will screen the premiere of the new TV3 series, ‘Buga, Buga‘ (Aguacate & Calabaza Films), at the CCCB Theater, at 7pm, where two episodes will be screened and there will be a subsequent discussion with the cast of the series. Created by Alba Simón and Ana Millán, this series presents six independent episodes that share their location in several laundromats around Barcelona. A look at the different realities of everyday life, away from the image of the “postcard city” concept.

That same day, at 21.30h, festival assistants will be able to attend the third live episode of SerieSelektor, the new series program of iCat FM presented by Silvia Comet and the Serielizados team (Betu Martínez, Víctor Sala and Carlos Perelló), which is broadcast every Wednesday on the Catalunya Radio station from 22h to 23h at night.

Thursday, October 22

Thursday starts with a tribute to El Tricicle, one of the most international theater companies in our country known for series such as ‘Chooof’ or ‘Dinamita’. Carles Sans, Paco Mir and Joan Gràcia will attend the CCCB Theater to review their television work and talk about their future projects. Catalan director Silvia Quer will moderate the session.

In the evening, the festival programs the Spanish premiere of France.tv’s ‘Parlement‘, the new television phenomenon in France after ‘El Colapso‘. The series masterfully satirizes the fauna and flora that runs through the corridors of the European Parliament and that is far from the image of solemnity and good practice that the institution projects from the outside. ‘Parlement‘ does not forget the Spanish-Catalan conflict in its cocktail of caricatures. Session with the collaboration of Filmin presented by journalist Maiol Roger.

CASA SEAT, the festival’s new venue, will host the talk ‘How will we consume series in 2030?‘ on the technological possibilities and new audiovisual consumption models of the future. In 10 years will we still be watching series through a screen? The expert in television industry, Elena Neira, will moderate this table composed by Joan Carles Tous (Filmin), Patricia M. Val (Futura Space) and the Spanish youtuber  El Chico Morera. Session in collaboration with Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya.

And at the end of the day will take place a new Travelling Series Live at CASA SEAT, the podcast of Lorenzo Mejino in a new live episode. The greatest expert in series in Spain writes and presents this space in which he combines his two great passions, travel and series. This special edition will be focused on Neapolitans series and will have Jorge Carrión and Marilena de Chiara as guests.

Friday, October 23

On Friday morning, October 23rd, the Pro Session of the festival will take place at the CCCB Theater. ‘Tell us your story and we’ll tell you how it sounds‘ will be the masterclass that Konga Music Agency will give at 10am. From the hand of its founder Teresa Carbonell and music producer Roger Rodés, this session will be an enjoyable approach to the world of music from a more creative-artistic side by Roger Rodés adding the expertise of Teresa Carbonell in the field of licensing, uses and types of rights with practical examples experienced by both as a team in Konga Music Agency.

At 12:30, the II Pitching Forum of Series will take place in collaboration with GAC, where the 7 finalist will present their series projects in front of a jury formed by Playz, Flooxer, TV3, Mediaset and Movistar+. This event will be streamed online and will be screened at the CCCB Theater.

At 21.30h will take place the VII Showcase of Fiction Pilots, one of the favorite projects of Serielizados. The event brings together the pilots of the new talents to competition. The public will be able to enjoy (and vote) the six chapters that have been selected.

The six finalists will compete for the Konga Music Agency Award, granted by a professional jury, and the Popitas Award, granted by the votes of the spectators of the Barcelona, Madrid and Filmin Showcase.

As a parallel activity, on Friday, October 23, the multidisciplinary artist and showrunner Álvaro Carmona (‘Gente Hablando’) will offer a talk with the humorist Charlie Pee at CASA SEAT at 6.30 pm. The creator will talk about the projects he has in mind and how he works on his ideas.

Saturday, October 24

There is a generation of young Catalan actresses who are putting face and voice to the international expansion of the Spanish television industry. ‘De Barcelona al mundo: las actrices catalanas lo están petando‘ will feature Vicky Luengo (‘Antidisturbios’, ‘Madres’), Diana Gómez (‘Valeria’, ‘La Casa de Papel’, ’45 Revoluciones’, ‘El Día de Mañana’) and Georgina Amorós (‘Élite’, ‘Vis a Vis’) in this informal four-way talk moderated by Bob Pop and located at the CCCB Theater at 6pm.

The same Saturday at 20.30h our favourite haters, Toni Garcia Ramon and Òscar Broc, will return to the CCCB to present a new Seriefobia Live, the first podcast about series directed by two specialized journalists who hate almost all of them. One of the TOP podcasts of 2019 according to Apple Podcasts.

Sunday, October 25 

The last day of the Barcelona edition of Serielizados Fest will begin with the screening of the documentary ‘Margaret Atwood: A word after a word after a word is power‘, an unpublished documentary of the writer behind the universe of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, and her impact on today’s global culture and her involvement in causes such as feminism and the environmental struggle. This film will also be available on Filmin from October 20 to 29 under subscription.

And as the closing session, a premiere specially selected by the festival organizers: ‘For Madmen only‘ (USA, 2020), the documentary that takes us into the crazy biography of Del Close, guru of humor and mentor of figures like Bill Murray, Bob Odenkirk, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Amy Poehler or Tina Fey. A must-see.


Monday, October 26

The opening of the Madrid edition will be the premiere of ‘Nasdrovia‘, the new Movistar+ series, produced in collaboration with Globmedia and created by Sergio Sarriá, author of the original novel, Miguel Esteban and Luismi Pérez. The three of them, accompanied by the leading actress, Leonor Watling, and its director, Marc Vigil, will be present at the event.

Tuesday, October 27

On Tuesday 27th the sessions begin at Sala Berlanga, the main space of Serielizados Fest Madrid, which will end on October 28th.

At 18h will take place the session entitled ‘El Madrid de las series: Antidisturbios‘, focused on analyzing the locations of the series created by Rodrigo Sorogoyen. An activity moderated by professor and member of the festival jury, Conchi Cascajosa, who will chat with Mikel Saldise, the head of locations of the series produced by Caballo Films and Movistar+.

To close the day, at 20:30 and in collaboration with Atresmedia, there will be a talk dedicated to the end of ‘Veneno‘, original series of ATRESplayer PREMIUM and one of the most relevant Spanish productions of 2020. The main cast members of Los Javis’ series will participate in the colloquium.

The last day of Serielizados Fest Madrid will start at 6pm with a presentation by Javier Olivares, showrunner of ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo‘, who will give an unpublished talk focused on the series he co-created with his brother Pablo Olivares.

The closure of the festival will consist on the awards ceremony of the Official Section and the VII Showcase of Fiction Pilots with the screening of the 5 finalists.

In addition to the face to face activities, the Serielizados Fest will also be online at Filmin with the premieres of international and national series and documentaries on TV pop culture, and on Youtube with a Virtual Show with top creators such as Damon Lindelof or Sally Wainwright.

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