Werner Herzog, Paul Abbott and Daphna Levin, international guests at the VIII Serielizados Fest
Festival Internacional de series 2021

Werner Herzog, Paul Abbott and Daphna Levin, international guests at the VIII Serielizados Fest

Bob Pop, Carlo Padial, Isabel Peña, Berto Romero, Abril Zamora, Vicky Luengo, Daniela Ramírez, Celia Rico, among others, will also be present in this 8th edition.

The 8th edition of Serielizados Fest, which will be held from October 18 to 30 in different venues in Barcelona and Madrid, and in its online edition (on Filmin), reinforces its in-person activities with international visits from German filmmaker Werner Herzog, British showrunner Paul Abbott, Israeli screenwriter Daphna Levin and Chilean actress Daniela Ramirez, and national talents such as Bob Pop, Carlo Padial, Isabel Peña, Abril Zamora and Celia Rico.

The on-site activities in Barcelona (October 18-24) will take place at the official venues of the CCCB, Sala Phenomena, CASA SEAT and SGAE Catalunya, while in Madrid (October 27-30), together with the Academia de Cine, this year the cultural space CentroCentro will be the main venue for this eighth edition of Serielizados Fest, where most of the sessions organized by the festival will be held.

The spot for this eighth edition of Serielizados Fest 2021 is the work of the audiovisual creator Rocío Quillahuaman, collaborator in media such as Yorokobu, in the TV3 program APM? and is among the 100 most creative Spanish creators in the business world according to Forbes Spain magazine:



The CCCB Theater in Barcelona will host an unmissable event, the talk by Paul Abbott, creator of ‘Shameless‘ (UK and USA) and ‘State of Play‘, among 30 other titles, with journalist Toni Garcia Ramon. In their conversation, they will make a journey through the life and work of a particular writer, gifted with a very fine sense of humor that never turns his back on social realities or the difficulties that his characters go through, proof of this are series and miniseries such as ‘Children’s Ward‘, ‘Reckless‘, ‘Touching Evil‘ or ‘Clocking Off‘. In this same session, the festival will premiere exclusively in Spain ‘Wolfe‘, Abbott’s new series.

In the same space, the most surprising international event of Serielizados Fest 2021 will take place, a masterclass by Werner Herzog, director and screenwriter of more than fifty films (among which are included ‘Aguirre, la cólera de Dios‘, ‘Fitzcarraldo‘, ‘El enigma de Gaspar Hauser‘ or ‘Nosferatu, vampiro de la noche‘), awarded in Cannes, Venice, San Sebastian, Sundance and Locarno, among other festivals. Herzog has not made fiction series, except for some iconic collaborations (in ‘The Mandalorian’, ‘Parks & Recreation’, ‘Rick and Morty’), and although he does not want to associate his image with the small screen, we could not resist inviting him to Serielizados Fest in collaboration with La Selva. Ecosistema Creatiu.

También visitarán el Teatro del CCCB David Sainz y Teresa Segura, directores de Diffferent Entertainment, que acudirán al Serielizados Fest para impartir una masterclass abierta al público acerca de Cómo rodar tu primera serie, en la que descubrirán los entresijos que les llevaron de rodar ‘Malviviendo a crear su productora, y de cómo producir tres series con RTVE (‘Parking Karaoke’, ‘Grasa’, ‘Mambo’) sin perder jamás su esencia.

As we couldn’t resist opening up to children and family audiences, the creative tandem formed by Celia Rico and Mikel Mas will present at the Festival their ‘Mironins‘, an animation proposal aimed at children from 3 to 8 years old, where the work of Joan Miró comes to life through fun multicolored adventures.

And Bob Pop (creator), Enric Pardo (scriptwriter) and Berto Romero (producer), who have triumphed this year with ‘Maricón Perdido‘, know a lot about bringing his characters to life. With them we will analyze What does it mean to narrate oneself? The festival audience will attend a chat between this three friends and collaborators that will help us to resolve whether what they tell us in their creations is real or an invention of fiction. In collaboration with El Terrat.

David Sainz and Teresa Segura, directors of Diffferent Entertainment, will attend the Serielizados Fest to give a masterclass open to the public about How to shoot your first series, in which they will discover the ins and outs that led them from filming ‘Malviviendo‘ to create their production company, and how to produce three series with RTVE (‘Parking Karaoke’, ‘Grasa’, ‘Mambo’) without losing their essence.

Poster Serielizados (ESP)

Cartel del Serielizados Fest 2021

This one-hour masterclass will precede the gala of the 8th Serielizados Fest Pilot Showcase , organized together with Zoom, International Festival of Audiovisual Content of Catalonia, in which the 6 finalist pilots will be screened in a session open to the public at the CCCB Theater in Barcelona and at the Auditorio Caja de Música at CentroCentro in Madrid. Those attending these screenings will have the opportunity to participate in the voting for the Audience Award sponsored by Popitas, which repeats for the second consecutive year as the official snack of Serielizados Fest. DAMA enters as a partner of the Showcase, sponsoring the Jury’s Prize, valued at 1500€.

And in this eighth edition, we have a premiere, with the presentation of a new cycle: Serielizados Next, a long-running initiative during the year, carried out in collaboration with Acció Cinema and La Vanguardia as official media, which will screen a selection of series with a feminist, vindictive and diverse vocation.

The series kicks off with the exclusive premiere in Spain of the miniseries ‘Isabel: The Intimate Story of the Writer Isabel Allende‘, a Latin American production centered on the life of the famous writer. Allende has been able to explore social taboos regarding the role of women in society, as shown in her books.

An exceptional life that has been adapted to the screen by Jonathan Cuchacovich (screenwriter) and Rodrigo Bazaes (director) and interpreted by actress Daniela Ramírez, who will be an exceptional guest of this three-part marathon at Serielizados Fest.

Y si de feminismo se trata, tenemos que mencionar a Andrea Gumes y Anna Pacheco, que ofrecerán un episodio en vivo de su podcast Ciberlocutorio (Radio Primavera Sound) en el que estarán acompañadas por las creadoras y protagonistas de ‘X, la sèrie‘ (Carmel Produccions), Mònica Barrio y Marina Congost, que nos hablarán de este “collage audiovisual que trabaja en los límites artísticos de la televisión para poner en duda al patriarcado”. 

The CCCB Theater will also host a Double Session that will start with the conference ‘Intimacy‘, given by Enric Ortuño, one of the first professionals in the field of directing intimate scenes. A function increasingly demanded in the industry and in which he pours his experience as a choreographer to create confidence in the performers and design movements to make the viewer’s hair stand on end. Ortuño has worked on series such as ‘The Bridgertons‘ and ‘The Nevers‘.

This double session will end with a talk dedicated to LGTBIQ+ visibility on television, moderated by Alba Riera (director of DENTRO, podcast of Radio Primavera Sound) with the company of artists and influencers of the collective with extensive experience in the audiovisual and social networks.

The festival will organize a PRO Session, at the SGAE Catalunya headquarters, focused on members of the television industry. This year, several Spanish channels and production companies will present their upcoming premieres. STARZPLAY will present ‘Express‘, by Iván Escobar and Antonio Sánchez Olivas. Borja Soler and Roberto Maiztegui (Caballo Films) will present ‘La Ruta’ (Atresmedia); Celia Rico and Mikel Mas (Cornelius Films) will present ‘Mironins‘ and the Playz platform will present Yrreal with Patricia Alonso and ‘Ser o no ser’ by Coral Cruz, creator and showrunner of Ser o no ser, and Carmen González, executive producer of Big Bang Media. This will be followed by the 3rd edition of the Pitching Forum Series, co-organized with Guionistes Associats de Catalunya.


El Festival contará con dos premieres en el Auditorio del CCCB totalmente gratuitas para los asistentes. La primera es una de las series más esperadas, el maratón de ‘Doctor Portuondo’, creada por Carlo Padial y basada en su propio libro, que supone la primera serie original producida por Filmin

Y el drama adolescente ‘Kamikaze’ que supone la primera producción original danesa de HBO Max. Esta serie de ocho episodios está escrita por la autora y guionista, Johanne Algren, y todos los episodios están dirigidos por la aclamada directora de cine y series, Annette K. Olesen (‘Borgen’). Además, su actriz protagonista, Marie Reuther, acaba de recibir el premio a mejor actriz en el festival francés SeriesMania por su trabajo en la serie.

The Festival will feature two premieres at the CCCB Auditorium completely free for attendees. The first is one of the most anticipated series, the marathon of ‘Doctor Portuondo’, created by Carlo Padial and based on his own book, which is the first original series produced by Filmin.

And the teen drama ‘Kamikaze’ which is HBO Max’s first Danish original production. This eight-episode series is written by author and screenwriter, Johanne Algren, and all episodes are directed by acclaimed film and series director, Annette K. Olesen (‘Borgen’). In addition, its lead actress, Marie Reuther, has just received the best actress award at the French SeriesMania festival for her work in the series.

Pero esto no se queda aquí. Aún faltan todos los estrenos de series internacionales que cada año el festival estrena en exclusiva en España. Será dentro de pocas semanas cuando la organización desvele las más de 30 series y documentales inéditos que podrán verse del 19 al 30 de octubre en Filmin

In addition, two other premieres: the highly anticipated ‘Todo lo otro’ (HBO Max), written, directed and starring Abril Zamora, and ‘Monsterland‘ (AXN) an anthology that adapts Nathan Ballingrud’s award-winning collection of horror stories ‘North-American Lake Monsters’.

But it doesn’t end there. In a few weeks, the organization will unveil more than 30 unreleased series and documentaries that can be seen from October 19 to 30 on Filmin.


At CASA SEAT we will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from the creators of ‘Doctor Portuondo‘ about psychoanalysis, their creative process and the eerie similarity between Padial and Nacho Sánchez, the actor who brings his alter ego to life on screen.

CASA SEAT is also the venue for Los Making-of de DAMA, a new cycle of masterclasses dedicated to those creative couples who create stories: director & scriptwriter; scriptwriter & editor; actor & director… explaining how they made specific scenes, key moments or challenges of the creative process.

In this Serielizados Fest 2021 will take place the second session of The Making-of of DAMA, which will revolve around ‘Antidisturbios‘, the Movistar+ series by Rodrigo Sorogoyen that raised controversy for its portrayal of the National Police, and the political mechanisms that manipulate it.

The analysis of ‘Antidisturbios’ will be led by the co-creator and co-writer of the series, Isabel Peña, and actress Vicky Luengo (inspector Laia Urquijo in the series). The two professionals will share with the audience the creative process that led them to create together this complex main character.


The 3rd edition of Serielizados Fest in Madrid will continue to count with the support of Madrid Film Office for the whole of its Madrid program, and the emblematic cultural space CentroCentro in the Palacio de Cibeles joins this year as the main venue for the Festival’s activities in the city.

The opening session will take place at the Academia de Cine with the exclusive premiere of one of the chapters of ‘Historias para no dormir’, the remake of Chicho Ibáñez Serrador‘s fantastic anthology adapted to modern fears by directors of the stature of Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Paco Plaza, Paula Ortiz and Rodrigo Cortés thanks to Prime Video.


The emblematic metropolitan cultural space CentroCentro, which has a specialized offer dedicated to the city and art, will host the presentation of the new Movistar+ superproduction, ‘La Fortuna‘, the first series by Oscar winner Alejandro Amenábar. A production challenge that we will discover in this talk in collaboration with Madrid Film Office, Madrid City Council’s filming promotion office.

This new international production of Movistar+, produced together with the American network AMC, is a story of adventures and diplomatic intrigues around an ancient underwater treasure and the international dispute for its possession. In addition to the Spanish cast with Álvaro Mel, Ana Polvorosa, Blanca Portillo and Karra Elejalde, ‘La Fortuna’ features renowned international performers such as Stanley Tucci, Clarke Peters and T’Nia Miller. The talk will be moderated by Concepción Cascajosa and will include Koldo Zuazua (Production Director of ‘La Fortuna’), Helen Martí (executive producer) and other members of the team.

The Festival and HBO Max will offer the exclusive premiere of the new season of one of the most beloved comedies in our country: Venga Juan, produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) for HBO Max. The third installment of the adventures of politician Juan Carrasco (Javier Cámara) after Vota Juan and Vamos Juan. The premiere, located at CentroCentro, will be hosted by Diego San José, screenwriter of the series, and will be moderated by journalist Pedro Vallín. In collaboration with La Vanguardia, official media of the festival.

One of the most anticipated sessions of the third edition of the festival in Madrid, is the talk to be given by Daphna Levin, co-creator and screenwriter of the original ‘Euphoria‘, Israeli series of 2012 that would be adapted by HBO seven years later with Zendaya. Serielizados Fest will also offer the first chapter of this foundational series that remains unpublished in our country.

Levin was also executive producer of the HBO remake of ‘Euphoria’ and screenwriter of ‘BeTipul‘ (‘In Therapy’) another Israeli format that left several adaptations around the world.

CentroCentro will also host a special edition of ‘Travelling Series Live!’ where Lorenzo Mejino, director and presenter of the most traveled podcast of the series, will focus his gaze on the Sierra de Madrid.

To celebrate more than 100 episodes of the podcast Travelling Series,, produced by Serielizados, Mejino will talk live with the Galician screenwriter and producer Ramón Campos, creator of series such as ‘Fariña‘, ‘Velvet‘ and ‘Las Chicas del Cable’, about the Sierra de Madrid, where he has set (and filmed) many of his stories.

The closing of Serielizados Fest 2021 will take place at CentroCentro’s Auditorio Caja de Música with the screening of the six finalists of the 8th Series Pilot Showcase. Before the screening, the winning series competing in the Official Section will be announced. On the one hand, the Jury Award and on the other hand, the Reteena Young Jury Award. Daphna Levin (‘Euphoria’) will be present as a member of this year’s jury.

In the coming days the festival will announce the rest of the on-site activities and the entire program of series and documentaries of the online festival that will be held exclusively on Filmin from October 19 to 30. You can follow closely the communications through their social networks (Twitter, Instagram) and their Newsletter.

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