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‘We Got This’ wins Best Series at Serielizados Fest 2020

The Festival Jury, made up of professor Concepción Cascajosa (UC3M, Fotogramas), showrunner Javier Olivares (El Ministerio del Tiempo, Atrapa a un ladrón) and costume designer Bina Daigeler (Narcos, Mrs. America), highlighted that ‘We Got This‘ (Sweden, 2020) takes a singular premise (an American expatriate investigates the murder of Olof Palme after discovering there is a million-dollar reward) to develop a gentle satire that x-rays Swedish society. Superbly set, it leaves you wanting to continue accompanying its eccentric protagonist, played by the co-creator of the series Schiaffino Musarrat.

They also decided to award a Special Mention to actresses Kayla Cromer and Maeve Press for their performance in the series ‘Everything’s gonna be okay’ (USA, 2020). “These two young actresses endow depth and humanity to the sisters Matilda and Genevieve, who must become adults amid irreparable losses and the discovery of a world full of possibilities.”

For its part, the Reteena Youth Jury, composed by the students Pau Torres, Nuria Martí, Laia Balaguer, Helios Martínez and Aina Barquero, have awarded its prize to ‘Everything ‘s Gonna Be Okay’: “The Reteena Youth Jury of Serielizados Fest 2020 wants to recognize the quality and diversity of all the proposals submitted. From a youth perspective, we want to reward a proposal with an original approach and a fresh treatment that combines the dramatic counterpoints with the general comic tone very well. The normalization and depth of the characters that respond to the social concerns of young people are also highly valued”.

Everything ‘s gonna be okay (EEUU, 2020), la nueva serie del cómic y guionista Josh Thomas (creador de Please Like Me) centra su trama en personajes con retrasos mentales como el autismo. Por su parte, la comedia lebowskiana We got this (Suecia, 2020) en la que un estadounidense en Estocolmo, George English, pone manos a la obra cuando descubre que pagan una millonada para resolver un crimen cometido en su barrio.

Everything ‘s gonna be okay (USA, 2020), the new series from comic and screenwriter Josh Thomas (creator of Please Like Me) focuses its plot on characters with neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism. For its part, the Lebowskian comedy We got this (Sweden, 2020) in which an American in Stockholm, George English, gets down to business when he discovers that they pay a millionaire to solve a crime committed in his neighborhood.

In this year’s edition of Serielizados Fest, which is combining live activities in Barcelona and Madrid, with online sessions through the Serielizados Youtube channel and Filmin, viewers are enjoying the best productions that have triumphed in television and festivals around the world. United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, United States, France, Italy, Chile…

In addition, as a new feature this year, Serielizados Fest through his own Youtube channel, has offered users the possibility to enjoy the Virtual Show sessions where there will be in-depth conversations with top international talent such as Damon Lindelof, Rodrigo Garcia, Sally Wainwright, Josh Thomas and Simon Stalenhag.

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