The creator of 'Euphoria', 'Dopesick: Historia de una adicción', 'Venga Juan' and 'Cardo', headliners of the III Serielizados Fest Madrid
Festival Internacional de Series

The creator of ‘Euphoria’, ‘Dopesick: Historia de una adicción’, ‘Venga Juan’ and ‘Cardo’, headliners of the III Serielizados Fest Madrid

From October 27 to 30, 'Cardo' (Atresmedia), 'Historias para no dormir' (Prime Video) and 'Dopesick: Historia de una adicción' (Disney+) will be shown in the capital, with the presence of their creators.

INAUGURATION: ‘Historias para no dormir’ (Prime Video)

On October 27th we inaugurate the III edition of Serielizados Fest Madrid with one of the most awaited series of the season: ‘Historias para no dormir’ (Prime Video Spain), with the premiere of ‘Freddy’, directed by Paco Plaza, written with Beto Marini, and starring Miki Esparbé, Carlos Santos and Adriana Torrebejana. It is a version of the homonymous episode aired in 1982 about a variety company that begins to suffer a series of murders.

Chicho Ibáñez Serrador’s ‘Historias para no dormir’ (1966-82) is probably one of the most iconic titles in the history of spanish television. Fifty years later, ‘Historias para no dormir’ returns to the screens with the power and quality of modern cinema, offering audiences the best of the suspense genre. Rodrigo Cortés, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Paco Plaza and Paula Ortiz are in charge of reinterpreting this anthology of self-conclusive stories that will make viewers enjoy updated versions of the best stories by Chicho Ibáñez Serrador.

After the premiere of the episode ‘Freddy’ there will be a colloquium with its creators, Paco Plaza (director and screenwriter) and Beto Marini (screenwriter), moderated by journalist Enric Albero.


The Madrid of the series: ‘La Fortuna’ (Movistar+)

The 3rd edition of Serielizados Fest in Madrid will continue to have the support of Madrid Film Office ( in its Madrid programming, and the emblematic cultural space CentroCentro ( in the Palacio de Cibeles, will be the main venue for the Festival’s activities in the city.

On Thursday October 28th at the CentroCentro Auditorium you have an appointment with the production team and locations of ‘La Fortuna‘, the first series of the Oscar winner Alejandro Amenábar. The ambitious new Movistar+ series, produced together with the American network AMC, is a production challenge that we will discover in this talk dedicated to the Madrid locations of the series.

The event will be attended by Koldo Zuazua, production director of ‘La Fortuna’ and Helen Martí, series executive producer and Juanma Nogales, VFX Supervisor, and will be moderated by Concepción Cascajosa, professor at UC3M.

‘Dopesick’ (Disney+)

Serielizados Fest premieres ‘Dopesick’, the new Disney+ original drama written by Emmy winner Danny Strong (‘Empire’) and directed by Oscar winner Barry Levinson (‘Rain Man’). The premiere will be on October 23 in Barcelona and October 28 in Madrid.

‘Dopesick’ stars Michael Keaton, Peter Sarsgaard, Michael Stuhlbarg, Will Poulter, Kaitlyn Dever and Rosario Dawson. Serielizados Fest Madrid will offer its preview at the CentroCentro Auditorium before its arrival at Disney+ (November 12).

The series tells the story of how a pharmaceutical company unleashed the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history. It transports viewers to the epicenter of the fight against opioid addiction in the United States, from the boardrooms of big pharmaceutical companies, to a hard-hit Virginia mining community, to the offices of the DEA.

Dopesick -- "The Whistleblower" - Episode 105 -- With OxyContin abuse spreading across the country, Bridget brings the fight to Purdue while Rick and Randy seek to find a whistleblower within Purdue to tie their case together. Richard (Michael Stuhlbarg), shown. (Photo by: Gene Page/Hulu)

Daphna Levin, creator of ‘Euphoria’

On Saturday, October 30, we will have one of the most awaited sessions, we will visit the Israeli origins of the ‘Euphoria’ series by the hand of its creator, Daphna Levin.

When ‘Euphoria‘ came out, what few of us had in mind is that it originally had been born in Israel seven years earlier and was known as ‘Ophoria‘: a series that addressed the same subject matter, stripping it even more, if possible, of filters and contrasts, to bring to the table a raw story bathed in hallucinations, narcissism and trauma.

Fotogramas presents: ‘Cardo’ (Atresmedia)

Serielizados Fest in collaboration with Fotogramas magazine premieres ‘Cardo’, the new original series of ATRESplayer PREMIUM, Atresmedia’s pay platform, created by Ana Rujas and Claudia Costafreda and executive produced by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi.

The series chronicles over six episodes the excesses of an entire generation that feels like a hinge of the world: daughters of the 21st century, babies of seven-channel television, the technology boom and social networks. The lives of many will be told through María (Ana Rujas).

The subsequent discussion will be moderated by Fotogramas, and will be attended by Ana Rujas (co-creator and protagonist), Claudia Costafreda (co-creator and director), Montse García (executive producer ATRESMEDIA) and Sonia Martínez (executive producer BUENDÍA).


Double Session: ‘Travelling Series’ + Other voices, other series: Portugal”

The successful podcast about series and travel, directed by Lorenzo Mejino, reaches its 100th program with this live special with Ramón Campos (Bambú producciones), creator of series such as Fariña, Velvet and Las Chicas del Cable, about the Sierra de Madrid, where he has set (and filmed) many of his stories.

This will be followed by the session ‘Other voices, other series: Portugal‘ (in collaboration with FAGA). In it, three acclaimed Portuguese television scriptwriters (Pedro Lopes, Patricia Müller and Bruno Nogueira) will talk about the present and future of Portuguese fiction.

‘Venga Juan’ (HBO Max)

On October 29 at CentroCentro, Serielizados Fest and HBO Max will offer the exclusive premiere of the new season of one of the most beloved comedies in our country: ‘Venga Juan’, the third part of the comics of Juan Carrasco (Javier Cámara) after ‘Vota Juan’ and ‘Vamos Juan’, produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO).

The premiere, located at CentroCentro, will be attended by Diego San José, creator and showrunner of the series, who will talk after the screening of the first episode with La Vanguardia journalist Pedro Vallín.


‘Shooting Joe Exotic’

Do you miss Joe Exotic? On October 30 at CentroCentro, Serielizados Fest exclusively premieres a new documentary about the famous ‘Tiger King’, commanded by the guy who discovered him ten years before Netflix: Louis Theroux.

This new documentary, ‘Shooting Joe Exotic’, which we premiere exclusively, is an ideal opportunity to relive the madness of Joe Exotic in addition to reflecting on the ‘Tiger King’ phenomenon. And also to reivindicate a creator like Louis Theroux, famous for his narration in front of the camera, imbuing his programs with that fine British humor that characterizes him so much.

Closure: 8th Pilot Series Showcase

The closing ceremony of the International Series Festival 2021,  will include the screening of the six finalist series pilots of the 8th Showcase (International Festival of Audiovisual Content of Catalonia (Zoom Festival), whose final result will be known after the screening.

The six finalists are:

  • ‘Válidas’ (Nacho P. Pardo, Victoria Martín y Carolina Iglesias).
  • ‘Conversaciones’ (Tomás Ratón y Pedro Delgado).
  • ‘Lourdes y Concha’ (María Gómez-Comino).
  • ‘Best Boyfriend Ever’ (Alex Ygoa).
  • ‘Querida Conchi’ (Rafillo).
  • ‘Animal en serie’ (Roger Torns).

A professional jury (made up of screenwriters and specialists in audiovisual language) will award the Jury Prize, sponsored by DAMA and valued at €1,500, at the closing gala of the 19th International Festival of Audiovisual Content of Catalonia (Zoom Festival) to be held from November 23 to 28.

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