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Festival Internacional de Series

Serielizados Fest announces the online schedule

The International Series Festival brings back to Spain the best productions that have triumphed in televisions and festivals around the world. United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, United States, France, Italy, Chile… All of them series without distribution in our country and that the spectators of the Serielizados Fest will be able to enjoy for the first time.

Due to the situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the organization of Serielizados Fest has opted to broadcast this year’s premieres through the Filmin platform from October 20 to 29. The premieres package includes: Official Section, Panorama Section, Short Form Section, Documentaries and the VII Pilot Showcase.


As part of the Official Selection, the festival will premiere 22 July (Norway, 2020), a Norwegian blockbuster that portrays the 2011 Oslo bombing and its social repercussions. Everything’s gonna be okay (USA, 2020), the new series by comedian and screenwriter Josh Thomas (creator of Please Like Me) focuses its plot on characters with neurodevelopmental disorder such as autism.

The Lebowskian comedy We got this (Sweden, 2020) in which an American in Stockholm, George English, gets down to business when he discovers that they pay a millionaire to solve a crime in his neighborhood. And also from the Scandinavian country, Thin Ice (Sweden, 2020), a government thriller that puts the climate crisis at the center of the table.

La nueva serie de la creadora de The Legacy, Cry Wolf (Dinamarca, 2020), una de las últimas sensaciones de la televisión danesa, narra la desintegración de una familia afectada por un caso de abusos. Desde la región flamenca, la tragicómica Albatros (Bélgica, 2020) se ambienta en un campamento de verano para personas obesas que quieren cumplir con el sueño de un cuerpo normativo.

The new series from the creator of  The Legacy, Cry Wolf (Denmark, 2020), one of the latest sensations on Danish TV, tells the story of the disintegration of a family affected by a case of abuse. From the Flemish region, the tragicomic Albatros (Belgium, 2020) is set in a summer camp for obese people who want to fulfill the dream of a normative body.

And Parlement (France, 2020) a very fine political satire that follows Samy, a young assistant to the European Parliament who arrives in Brussels a few weeks after the Brexit referendum. Other topics on the recent European agenda, such as the Catalan process, are also treated with irony.

These seven series will compete for the Jury Award, composed of professor Concepción Cascajosa (Fotogramas), showrunner Javier Olivares (El Ministerio del Tiempo, Atrapa a un ladrón) and costume designer Bina Daigeler (Narcos, Mrs. America).


In the Panorama Section (out of competition) of the 7th Serielizados Fest viewers will be able to enjoy through Filmin unreleased premieres such as Stath Lets Flats (UK, 2018), the real estate full of stooges that in its second season snatched the BAFTA for Best Comedy from Fleabag, Catastrophe and Derry Girls.

From Palermo, Sicily, Il Cacciatore (Italy, 2018) fiction set in the nineties in which a kamikaze policeman plants face to the mafia. The actor who plays him, Francesco Montanari, won the award for Best Actor at the 2019 Canneseries festival.

Helsinki, 1950, in the middle of the Cold War. So begins Shadow Lines (Finland, 2019) a spy thriller that follows an intelligence team whose mission is to defend the country’s independence. And La Cacería: las niñas de Alto Hospicio (Chile, 2018) portrays the real-life case of the disappearance of a series of young girls from the Chilean region of Tarapacá in the late 1990s.


Another novelty of this 7th edition is the incorporation of the Short Form section, in which the festival premieres miniseries or short-form series. Inaugurating this new section is the cybernetic DragonSlayer666 (Finland, 2017), a comedy about a 19-year-old eSports player, “DragonSlayer666”, who does the impossible to become a professional.

The second is a Spanish animated production titled Días de mierda (Spain, 2019) in which its creator, Pablo Medina, goes through the most ridiculously memorable episodes of his life. And Squeamish About (UK, 2020) presented by Matt Berry, from What We Do in the Shadows, brings us in documentary comedy format several relevant chapters in the history of the Anglo-Saxon country.


The Showcase of Fiction Pilots is one of our favorite projects and this year reaches its VII edition. The event brings together the pilots of the new talents of our audiovisual competition.

The six chapters that have been finally selected will be screened on Filmin and in face-to-face sessions in Barcelona (CCCB) and Madrid (Sala Berlanga) and the winners will be announced at the Zoom Festival in Igualada.

Finalists of the VII the Fiction Pilots Showcase:

  • Guns & Gansos (Marc Parellada y Marc Martos)
  • Contiguo (Alejo Levis y Cintia Ballbé)
  • Deivit and Lisa (Alessandro Di Renzo)
  • Sant Just Fever (Pau Ardèvol)
  • La alucinante vida de Benni Blowjob (Benni Blowjob)

The finalists will compete for the Konga Music Agency Award, granted by a professional jury, and the Popitas Award, granted by the votes of the spectators of the Barcelona, Madrid and Filmin Showcase.


Serielizados Fest recovers this historical section in its programming with four titles that will delight the lovers of real and unlikely stories. The documentaries will also be available from October 20 to 29 on Filmin.

Produced by the prestigious writer and producer Peter Raymont, Margaret Atwood: Palabra tras palabra tras palabra es poder (Canada, 2019) uncovers the woman behind the novels The Handmaid’s Tale and Alias Grace, brought to television by Hulu and Netflix, and which have become symbols of the feminist struggle around the world.

One of the jewels of this 7th edition is: For Madmen Only: las historias de Del Close(USA, 2020), one of the mentors of some of the most famous and influential comedians in recent decades, such as Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Bob Odenkirk, among others.

In Too Funny to Fail: Vida y muerte de Dana Carvey Show (USA, 2017) the screenwriters, cast and executives of the Dana Carvey Show, look back to analyze the super skecthes show with screenwriters like Charlie Kaufman, Louis CK, Steve Carell or Stephen Colbert. And despite this dream team, it failed miserably.

Kismet: Cómo los culebrones turcos cambiaron el mundo (Turkey, 2017) examines the effects that soap operas have had on the lives of women in various regions, and how they have broken taboos and acted as a vehicle for social change. In Kismet, female viewers are interviewed, as well as the actresses, producers and writers of these television programs.


The second edition of the Pitching Forum of Series comes thanks to the collaboration of the organizers, Serielizados Fest and GAC (Guionistes Associats de Catalunya), and FAGA, SGAE Catalonia, the ICEC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises), the ICUB (Institute of Culture of Barcelona) and the ILC (Institution of Catalan Letters).

For this edition, 63 series scripts were submitted and the GAC jury selected seven of them for pitching to national channels and production companies. The seven projects are:

  • Nunca te olvidaremos (Héctor Beltrán Gimeno)
  • Debajo de la cama (Dimas Rodríguez Gallego)
  • Gaueko (Norma Vila y Haritz Zubillaga)
  • Las pequeñas grandes cosas (Alejandra Sofía Ponce de León Tena, Lúa García Cabado and Andrea Valeria Ramos Vila)
  • Y ahora qué (Irene Soms Serrat)
  • Rubio Cenizo (Nach Solís)
  • Campamento Pride (Josep Miquel Jové Company y Aïda Torrent Ciudad

The Virtual Show will be added to this program, which will be available on Serielizados Youtube channel. A 3D set where there will be in-depth conversations with top international talents such as Damon Lindelof, Rodrigo García, Sally Wainwright, Josh Thomas and Simon Stalenhag.

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