Serielizados Fest 2021 premieres 35 series and documentaries
8º Festival Internacional de Series

Serielizados Fest 2021 premieres 35 series and documentaries

'Blackport', 'The Last Socialist Artefact', 'We Are Lady Parts', 'The Sopranos Sessions' and 'Shooting Joe Exotic' are some of the highlights of this edition

The 8th edition of Serielizados Fest brings back to Spain the best productions that have succeed in televisions and festivals around the world. Series from Island, United Kingdom, Norway, Croatia, United States, Japan, Italy… Most of them without a distributor in our country, so our spectators will be the first to enjoy them.

Like last edition, Serielizados Fest  will air, from the 19th to the 30th of October in Filmin the main scoops of the year. By doing this, the users will be able to  enjoy online all the content: Secció Oficial, Panorama,  Short Form, Documentals i el Showcase de Pilots.

Official Section

The winner of Series Mania, Blackport (Island, 2021), will be one of the important sessions of this edition. The story sets us in a small Fisher town in 1984, a difficult period for the icelandic fishing industry, full of greediness and corruption. The series shows the transition of the sector and the changes in the local society, as well as the gradual changes of the main characters looking for power and richness.

Also awarded in the french festival, with the award of Best Series in the International Panorama, arrives The Last Socialist Artefact (Croatia, Serbia, 2021). Two businessman from Zagreb arrive in a town in the middle of the Balcans, marked by the communist fall, to try to reactivate the local economy (and life).

From the antípodes arrives The End (Australia, 2020) created by Samantha Strauss (Nine Perfect Strangers), a drama that shows three generations of a family that tries to discover how to die with dignity and how to make life worth living.

The Nordic thriller will be very present in this edition. Magnus Martens signs Furia (Norway, 2021), a thriller set in the rural area in the east of Norway, where two Police officers have to follow the tracks of an extreme right terrorist cell.

From the same country, arrives Pørni (Norway, 2021), a dramedia created by Henriette Steenstrup. Pørni is a women that puts everyone except her first, which results in not taking the best decisions for herself. Despite that, she does everything in her hands to be happy.

From United Kingdom, the competition will have an anarquical and irreverent comedy-musical. We Are Lady Parts (2021) shows a punk band from London formed by a group of muslim teenagers called ‘Lady Parts’, , whose missin is to find a main guitarrist and maybe, just maybe, get a decent gig.

With The Spectacular (The Netherlands, 2021) we travel to 1988, one of the bloodiest years of IRA, the fight that moved outside the UK. The Spectacular is set in The Netherlands, during the investigation of an antirerrorist police really strict.

This series will opt to the Jury Award, formed by the intimacy director Enric Ortuño (The Bridgerton, Domina), the israelian director Daphna Levin (Euphoria, In Therapy), the swedish  scriptwriter and actor Schiaffino Musarra,  winner of the Jury Award in 2020 with  We Got This (A swedish conspiration), and the catalan actress Elisabet Casanovas (Merlí, Drama, Doctor Portuondo, Chavalas).

Panorama Section – Out of Competition

Serielizados Fest premieres in Spain Euphoria/Oforia (2012), the israelians teenage dramal drama that eight years later inspired the successful series in HBO starred by Zendaya. Its creator, Daphna Levin, will visit  Serializados Fest in Madrid the 30th of October.

From Israel also arrives the comedy Nafas (2021). In a crazy night, three Palestinian students that live in their own libera world, get involved in a drug plot

And, in the comedies, there’s a clear one that stands out; This Way Up (United Kingdom, 2019) baptized by The Guardian as the new Fleabag, a comedy about a group of friends that talks about the social, mental and physical objects that interpose in the way of happiness. And from United Kingdom arrives the historical drama Domina (2021), that shows Livia Drusilla, the most powerful women of the Roman Empire, who make her way in a society through conspiration, seduction and murder.

Journey (Iceland, 2020). This six episodes series follows two middle-aged men who has lost the sense of their lifes. A love story between two Friends that’s full of tributes to the career of the two main characters, Víkingur Kristjánsson (The Valhalla Murders) and Ólafur Darri (Trapped).

'This Way Up', with Sharon Horgan y

‘This Way Up’, with Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan.

From Portugal, we approach a narrative experiment, Princípio, Meio e Fim (2021). In each episode, a team of scriptwriters have two hours to write a scene for characters that celebrates every time the same dinner. An opportunity to discover the creator, Bruno Nogueira, one of the most important comics of Portugal.

Kana Matsumoto signs Metsa Pension (Japan 2020), a comedy that, at the same time, it’s a small oasis of peace. This slow TV allow us to stay the night in a mountain shelter in the forests of Japan and take a break next to its charming owner.

Also from Japan, the festival premieres A day-off of Kasumi Arimura, where the popular Japanese actress stars as herself in a fictional version where she lives various situations during the unexpected breaks on set. This episode it’s directed by the prestigious Hirokazu Koreeda.

From the beautiful landscapes of Alto de la Vuelta and Valledupar arrives Vida de Colores (Colombia, 2021), a Production that narrates the story of Yerit, a non-binary character that finds they’re family in Alma, a trans woman who treats their son. Everything’s fine until Alma suffers a transphobic attack and Yerit must fight to reestablish her dignity.

'The Unusual Suspects' (Australia, 2021)

‘The Unusual Suspects’ (Australia, 2021)

The Unusual Suspects (Australia, 2021) shows an investigation with comedy aspects. The police investigates the robbery of a jewelry  in a high-class party, and there’s plenty of suspects among the guests.

In this genre we can also find I Topi (Italy, 2021). Sebastiano and Vincenzo are two mafia man that live secluded in their basement to hide from the justice. In the house, at the end of the stairs, the rest of the family tries to live a normal life.

The selection of twelve titles of Panorama closes with the dramedia Thunder in my heart (Sweden, 2021). A group of Friends in their twenties try to deal with the unexpected responsibilities of adult life while accepting their own identities, past and passions.


Serielizados Fest continues to offer the spectators a selection of the best documentaries of the year. In this line, we present The Soprano Sessions (EUA, 2020). 14 years after the end of “The Soprano” and just before the arrival of the so expected movie, this documentary is a celebration of the series.

From the EU, we have two new proposals: I am Richard Pryor (EEUU, 2019). From the brothel to Beverly Hills: Richard Pryor’s biography couldn’t be anyone. An inedit documentary in Spain, it’s the biography of this comedy myth. And The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story (EUA, 2018). The history of this TV channel, which started as a local tv channel and ended up being an international phenomenon that impacted generations around the world.


‘Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic’ (United Kingdom, 2021).

And we continue with documentaries about the industry. In the last two decades, a new player has entered in the game of international series: Israel. Through Israel, terre de Séries (2020) we’ll get close to the boom of israelians series with their main creators.

And in another sector of the industry there’s Les Génériques de Séries (France, 2020), a window to the creation of the openings that precede and present our favorite series.

To end, Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic (United Kingdom, 2021). This documentary it’s centered in the former owner of the zoo and convict Joe Exotic (known as Tiger King), with thousands of interviews to him and to people around him years before the famous docu series from Netflix.

Short Form

In the field of short series, Serielizados Fest brings four proposals from three different continents. Tu Préfères (France, 2021), hybrid fiction and impro to show the lives of teenagers from the suburbs through uncomfortable questions such as: “¿Clean toilets earning 10.000€ per month or the job of your life for the minimum wage?”. Also in the Young field, #martyisdead (Czech Republic, 2019) shows a fatal case of cyberbullying. 


‘Tu Préfères’ (Francia, 2021).

From South America arrives Cross (Argentina, 2021), a web series based in a group of men – the authentic Band of Golden Cross-, that transvestite clandestinely. Changing to the terror, we premiere Something Undone (Canada, 2021), where a Foley artist (designer of sound for fictions) has to deal with weird sounds in her dead mother’s house.

8th Showcase of Pilots

As last year, in Filmin the spectators will be able to see the six finalists of the 8th Showcase of Pilots  that opt to the Jury Award funded by DAMA and the Public Award funded by Popitas. The six selected are Válidas (Nacho P. Pardo, Victoria Martín and Carolina Iglesias), Conversaciones (Tomás Ratón and Pedro Delgado), Lourdes y Concha (María Gómez-Comino), Best Boyfriend Ever (Alex Ygoa), Querida Conchi (Rafillo), Animal en sèrie (Roger Torns).

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