Premiere: 'La Mesías' (Movistar+)

Premiere: ‘La Mesías’ (Movistar+)

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The Serielizados Fest presents La Mesías, the new project by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo for Movistar+, with the presence of both creators and part of the team.

After achieving success inside and outside our borders with Paquita Salas and Veneno, Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo return with La mesías, a Movistar Plus+ original series in collaboration with Suma Content, with a radically different theme from the previous ones, and “the most ambitious, calm and complex project that we have carried out” according to both creators.

The series follows Enric, a boy who is greatly impacted by the viral video of a Christian pop music group of five sisters. Enric is a man tormented by a childhood marked by religious fanaticism and a mother with messianic delusions. This story will travel through several eras, beginning its journey in the 80’s until it reaches the present day.

La mesías is a thriller about overcoming trauma, faith as a tool to fill the void and art as the only escape from terror.

La mesías

Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi.

Roger Casamajor, Macarena García, Lola Dueñas, Carmen Machi, Ana Rujas, Albert Pla, Amaia, Biel Rossell and Cecilia Roth lead the cast in this thriller which also features actresses Nora Navas, Gracia Olayo, Aixa Villagrán, Carla Díaz, Betsy Túrnez, Ángeles Ortega, Mari Paz Sayago and Rossy de Palma, among others.

The original music has been created by Raül Refree (producer of albums by artists such as Rosalía, El Niño de Elche, Guitarricadelafuente or Silvia Pérez Cruz) and Hidrogenesse. La Mesías will also feature original songs by Amaia and Albert Pla.

At Serielizados Fest we will be fortunate to host the big screen screening of the first two chapters and the exclusive premiere of the third chapter of the series. Shot in 16mm, the episode will be presented by Javier Ambrossi, Javier Calvo and the main cast of the episode, who will be present to introduce the series.

“Two years after Veneno, we wanted to go a step further, composing an almost apocalyptic family drama and delving into faith, but from a dark and painful place,” explained its creators.

  • Screening of the first three chapters.
  • Presentation with its creators and part of the team.


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