Inauguration: 'Això no és Suècia' (3Cat, RTVE) - Serielizados

Inauguration: ‘Això no és Suècia’ (3Cat, RTVE)

Sections Premiere

Serielizados Fest Barcelona opens its 10th edition with the world premiere of ‘Això no és Suècia’, the new original series by 3Cat, created by Aina Clotet, Valentina Viso and Daniel González, with the presence of its team.

Co-directed by Mar Coll and Aina Clotet, who leads the cast alongside Marcel Borràs, Això no és Suècia is a dramedy about the difficulties of parenting. Created by actress and screenwriter Aina Clotet herself, along with Valentino Viso and Daniel González, the series is also Clotet’s directorial debut years after her short film Tiger (2016).

Això no és Suècia shows the contradictions faced by a young couple when it comes to protecting their children from the dangers of life. A series about parenthood and uncertainty, and how expectations often don’t match reality.

According to its creator, “Això no és Suècia was born from a personal need: once I entered the stage of motherhood, I realized that my life had turned upside down and that no one had warned me”.

Aina Clotet y Marcel Borràs en ‘Això no és Suècia’.

Here’s its synopsis: In order to raise their children more authentically, and far from their respective painful childhoods, Mariana and Samuel move to a mountain neighborhood of Barcelona, where they find a community of people with similar aspirations. But when a tragedy shakes the neighborhood, Mariana and Samuel’s certainties begin to falter and fear settles in the couple, bringing them dangerously close to everything they were trying to escape from.

In addition to Clotet (Hierro, El cuerpo en llamas) and Borràs (Hache, Incerta Gloria), the series stars a stupendous list of actors, including names such as Nora Navas (Dolor y Gloria, Pa Negre), Enric Auquer (Sky Rojo, Vida Perfecta), Tomás del Estal (Antidisturbios, La Peste), Liv Mjönes (Midsommar), Mabel Rivera (Rapa, Cuéntame cómo pasó) or Nausicaa Bonnín (Cites, Tres dies amb la familia), among others.

Això no és Suècia is an international co-production produced by Nanouk Films, Funicular Films and Anagram, in co-production with 3Cat, RTVE and the Swedish public television STV, with the participation of the public television stations YLE (Finland) and NDR (Germany).

  • Presentation of the series
  • Screening of the first three chapters (120min).
  • Original version (Catalan ans spanish)
  • Total duration: 90 minutes


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