The Making-Of of DAMA: 'Fácil'
SZS Fest Barcelona 2022

The Making-Of of DAMA: ‘Fácil’

Sections Masterclass

20 October, 2022 18:30

The new series by Anna R. Costa (Arde Madrid), will be the protagonist of this new DAMA Making-Of, presented by her and actress Natalia de Molina.

Serielizados arrives again at CASA SEAT with the cycle The Making-Of of DAMA, a series of meetings with creators and professionals of the audiovisual industry, where they talk about the ins and outs and the most unknown aspects of the world of the series. These educational activities are aimed at both experienced professionals and students of the audiovisual sector.

After the success of previous Making-Of’s like the one with Berto Romero, Alberto de Toro and Rafel Barceló, where they talked about the creative process of ‘Mira lo que has hecho‘; the one with Isabel Peña and Vicky Luengo about the construction of the protagonist in ‘Antidisturbios‘; or more recently, the one with Jorge Laplace, Pablo Aguinaga and Marijo Larrañaga, about the creation process of ‘Locomia‘; comes the Making-Of of the series ‘Fácil‘ (Movistar Plus+).

  • At the end of this session, Serelizados Fest will preview ‘Fácil’ at the CCCB Theater at 9pm, with the presence of its creator, Anna R. Costa and the actresses Natalia de Molina, Anna Marchessi and Coria Castillo. You can buy your ticket to attend the preview HERE.

Natalia de Molina, Anna Castillo, Anna Marchessi and Coria Castillo, as Marga, Nati, Patri and Àngels.

DAMA, Casa SEAT and Serielizados join forces again to bring us this interesting talk with Anna R. Costa, director of the series, and Natalia de Molina, one of the leading actresses, about the process behind the story and the evolution of the characters. ‘Fácil’ is a wonderful series about four women with functional diversity who want to live together in an apartment in Barceloneta.

‘Fácil’ is a direct, funny and emotional series, where its protagonists want to do things right, but none of them is clear about how to do it. That’s why we couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk to its creator and actress so that they could explain to us how they made specific scenes, how they shot some of the key moments or what were the biggest challenges they had to face during the creative process.


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