Talk: Jesse Armstrong, creator of 'Succession'

Talk: Jesse Armstrong, creator of ‘Succession’

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21 October, 2023 19:00

Jesse Armstrong, creator of the brilliant ‘Succession’, will talk about his series and his career as showrunner.

The British creator, showrunner of Succession, will be the star of the tenth edition of Serielizados Fest, with the support of the Spain Film Commission.

Jesse Armstrong’s series about the Roy family has become one of the most important titles in recent television fiction; a brutal and hilarious analysis of the workings of power.

Now that the series has come to an end, Jesse Armstrong will star in a relaxed chat with writer and journalist Toni Garcia Ramon where he will reveal the secrets behind his well-known series and other anecdotes about his career.

jesse armstrong

Jesse Armstrong on the set of Succession.

The original idea for Succession – a mockumentary exposing Rupert Murdoch’s business secrets – evolved as Armstrong wrote into a kind of television play, set at the media owner’s 80th birthday party. A project that in 2011, after table reading in which John Hurt played Rupert, died. But years later revived to become what Succession is today.

The Roy clan’s enormous wealth makes it easy (and fun) to judge their misdeeds. But Armstrong sees them in a different light. The creator will explain how he developed Succession’s distinctive style and his eagerness to show the ridiculous, the comical, the incongruous and the dysfunctional in these gilded lives.

And we, as good Succession fans, could not miss the opportunity to listen and talk with one of the most important creators and referents in the world of television in recent years.

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