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Screening + Podcast: ‘Peep Show’ and ‘Explicado Pierde’

18 October, 2023 21:30

Do you know ‘Peep Show’, the first series of the creator of ‘Succession’? Jesse Armstrong comes to Serielizados Fest and what better way to celebrate than recovering his first great work, a cult classic of British TV, accompanied by the people of ‘Explicado Pierde’, the podcast of La Llama School.

Before giving us his look at the world of the super rich and their family problems, Jesse Armstrong debuted as a creator with a very particular comedy show called Peep Show. The 9-season series, which aired on Channel Four, was on the verge of being cancelled but DVD sales sparked a brutal interest and revived it, turning it into the cult classic it is today.

Peep Show is no ordinary sitcom. The series, which Armstrong created with his partner Sam Bain, tells the story of two geeky friends, Mark and Jez, who share an apartment. But Peep Show goes further: the series is told through first-person shots and interior monologues that show us their thoughts: from the most banal and absurd to the terrible existential fear.

At Serielizados Fest we would like to bring you a sample of this very funny series with the screening of its first two episodes. Peep Show stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb and features a young and unknown Olivia Colman before she triumphed in Fleabag, The Crown and films like The Favourite.

To round out the plan, after the screening, the folks from Explicado Pierde, , La Llama School’s comedy podcast, will offer a live edition. Raquel Hervás, Javier Rueda, Kike García and Àlex Martínez Vidal will delve, with their particular vision and their own and other people’s neuroses. The creative world of Jesse Armstrong.

An essential date to be well prepared for Jesse Armstrong’s visit at the Serielizados Fest.

  • Screening of 2 chapters in VOSE
  • Podcast live
  • Run time: 90 minutes