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Serielizados Fest Madrid 2023

Premiere + Podcast: ‘Evil’ (SundanceTV) and Travelling Series

We premiere the new SundanceTV series, Evil, accompanied by a special live installment of our travel podcast, Travelling Serie, with Lorenzo Mejino, dedicated to the Nordic country.

Evil is the new SundanceTV bet that we will be able to enjoy, in advance, at the Serielizados Fest Madrid. A Swedish period production that tells the story of young Erik Ponti who, after being accepted into the luxurious boarding school Stjernsberg, is facing his last chance to get away from his life as the leader of a criminal gang of minors.

In Stjernsberg, Erik’s violent background and his father’s brutal abuse of him are unknown. There he meets Marja, who works in the school kitchen and they fall in love. A new beginning, a girl and a way out of the circles of evil. That’s what Erik hopes for. But he soon encounters a violent system in which the older students dominate the younger ones under the guise of the “peer education” promoted by the school. Erik finds himself once again in a circle of violence and, due to his father’s mistreatment, there seems to be no limit to the beating he can take…

Evil is created by Fredrik T. Olsson and based on the novel of the same name by Swedish writer Jan Guillou. Starring rising star Isac Calmroth, Evil’s cast also includes the well-known Gustaf Skarsgård (Vikings, Oppenheimer) playing the protagonist’s abusive father.

The session will include a special episode of the Serielizados Travelling Series podcast before the screening of the first episode of Evil. In this edition, Lorenzo Mejino will have a special guest to review a good selection of Swedish series that will serve as a tour guide.

  • Travelling Series Live Podcast
  • VOSE screening of the first episode of Evil
  • Run time: 90 minutes. 


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