Premiere: 'Pobre Diablo' - Serielizados
SZS Fest Madrid 2022

Premiere: ‘Pobre Diablo’

Sections Premiere

26 October, 2022 21:00

Serielizados Fest has the honor of premiering HBO Max’s new animated series, created by Joaquin Reyes, Ernesto Sevilla and Miguel Esteban: ‘Pobre Diablo’.

From the minds that gave life to the hilarious Capítulo 0, comes ‘Pobre Diablo’, a series where we meet Stan, an ordinary kid except for the small fact that he is the Antichrist. A very particular Antichrist, who has just turned 665 months old.

And as if that were not enough, he has one month left for ‘the prophecy‘ to be fulfilled and carry out his mission: plunge humanity into horror and chaos, and bring the Armageddon. But this poor devil is only interested in one thing: singing and dancing in a Broadway musical.

Created and written by Miguel Esteban, Joaquín Reyes, Ernesto Sevilla, and co-written by Helena Pozuelo, the series is directed by Esteban himself and animated by the Granada studio Rockyn Animation.

The stars from ‘Pobre Diablo’

In the series, Reyes plays Stan and Sevilla takes on the role of Mephisto, a hedonistic demonic cat and drug addict, whose job is to buy souls, in addition to being Stan’s godfather. The voice cast is completed by Ignatius Farray as Satan; Gakian as Samael -a demoness specialized in possessions-, and Verónica Forqué as Rose, among others.

Reyes and Sevilla, creative duo and fundamental pillars in the creation of programs such as Muchachada Nui or Museo Coconut, are part of the birth of what we know as ‘the new model of humor’ in Spain with La hora chanante, a series to which Serielizados Fest will pay tribute on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

 “We all know people who have had to make the decision to join the family business or follow in their parents’ footsteps,” comments Miguel Salvat, executive producer of HBO Max. “‘Pbre Diablo,’ takes this to the extreme and does it in a very funny and original way following the rich tradition of WarnerMedia’s adult animations.”

  • Screening of the firsts two chapters.
  • There will be a post-screening discussion open to the public, hosted by Noel Ceballos.