Premiere: 'Fanzilona' (CaixaForum+)
Serielizados Fest Barcelona 2023

Premiere: ‘Fanzilona’ (CaixaForum+)

Sections Premiere

19 October, 2023 21:30

Serielizados Fest premieres the first 2 episodes of Fanzilona: 50 years of alternative culture in Barcelona, a documentary series by CaixaForum+. After the screening, we will have a talk with the participation of one of the directors and participants of the docuseries.

Inspired by the underground publications called fanzines, the docuseries Fanzilona portrays the artistic creation and alternative culture in Barcelona from the late 70s to the present. Through the protagonists of the different scenes and a crazy collage of images, we go through the most hooligan and protestant Barcelona; the b-side of the city in the last 50 years.

Comics, graffiti, skateboarding, alternative music, social movements, gentrification and new artistic generations are, among others, the topics covered chronologically throughout the different chapters.

Fanzilona is a project that began in 2018 when the idea arose to bring to the audiovisual field the fanzine Carcelona created by Zosen Bandido, co-director of the docuseries. From there, the idea was born to go looking for several protagonists of different scenes that have been happening in Barcelona over the years, so that they could tell their experiences and their relationship with the city.

The Fanzilona series offers a different history of the city than the one told by the official media and gives voice and images to a Barcelona that has been mutating. An honest and unabashed tribute to all these pioneers of what was and is the underground in Barcelona.

Directed by Zosen Bandido, Miquel Ardèvol (also screenwriters) and Eric de Gispert, Fanzilona features figures such as illustrator Mariscal, SÓNAR co-founder Sergio Caballero, illustrator Txarly Brown, activist Itziar González and illustrator Flavita Banana.

  • Screening of the first 2 chapters (original version in Spanish).
  • Discussion with the docuseries team after the screening with the participation of illustrators Txarly Brown and Flavita Banana. 
  • Moderated by Marc Mascort i Boix, Gestor Cultural
  • Run Time: 90 minutes.


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