Official Selection: 'Sherwod'
SZS Fest Barcelona 2022

Official Selection: ‘Sherwood’


Serielizados Fest premieres in Spain ‘Sherwood’, a splendid thriller directed by Lewis Arnold and Ben A. Williams for the BBC.

Set in a Nottinghamshire mining town, Sherwood revolves around two grisly and unexpected murders that tear apart a community already fractured by its dark past. These murders will lead to one of the largest manhunts in British history, as well as worsening the historical divisions caused by the miners’ strike three decades earlier (1984-1985).

The story is based on the murder of trade unionist Keith Frogson (2004), and begins with the murder of a former union activist, Gary Jackson (Alun Armstrong).

Jackson’s interest in the undercover activities of the former police within the community, leads the police to suspect a connection between his death and the miners’ strike.

Ian St Clair (David Morrisey), Julie Jackson (Lesley Manville) and Kevin Salisbury (Robert Glanister) in ‘Sherwood’

Created by James Graham, the writer stated: “I wrote Sherwood as a warning. When communities are divided, the pain lasts”, and continued: “All the stories drawn from this painful reality should remind us that governments and other powerful forces have often deployed the weapons of division in the short term, trying to divide people; and the long-term impacts of this are always incredibly personal and painful“. A clear and direct message that marks the entire series.

Sherwood received high praise from British critics, referring to it as ‘one of the BBC’s best dramas this year‘. A series that does not falter in its plot, in its attention to detail, and in the perfect portrayal of a space that acts as a character.

And, although Nottinghamshire may not have a place in the cinematic imaginary as wide as, for example, Liverpool, Sheffield or Manchester, this hybrid between the north and the Midlands, is a border area of perfect variations and complexity to frame the wonderful plot of Sherwood.

Screening of the first two chapters.
Original version (English) with Catalan subtitles.
Run time: 120 minutes.