'I am Earth' (Norway) - Serielizados Fest Filmin
SZS Fest Filmin 2022

Official Selection: ‘I am Earth’

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18 October, 2022 09:00
30 October, 2022 23:00

Serielizados Fest premieres in Spain the Norwegian ‘I am Earth’, by director Amy Black Ndiaye, after its successful screening at Séries Mania 2022.

Odile is entering a new phase in life: her thirties. In Bergen, where she lives, all her friends seem to have good jobs, stable relationships and children on the way. And Odile, meanwhile, continues to hang out with her best friend Stian in his studio, creating rap songs that he never publishes. Odile spends her days wondering what’s best for her, fighting her demons and thinking about her life direction.

She finds uncomfortable to stand up for herself and is afraid to release her songs. And if her personal management problems weren’t enough, her muslim father is determined to find her a man to date. The problem is that Odile is a lesbian, and she can’t find the right time to tell her family.

A big part of the action takes place inside a music studio, where Odile composes with her producer and best friend Stian (Lars Vaular). Lars Vaular, composer and rapper, is not only one of the central characters of the series, but he has also written and produced its music.

Amy Black Ndiaye (32), creator, writer and star of the series, grew up with a Faroese mother and a Senegalese father in Bergen. Although she wanted to be a basketball player – at least that’s what she dreamed of as a child – after several knee operations, she gave up her dream of becoming the next Michael Jordan and started acting. After several acting jobs in Norwegian television, Amy decided to create I am Earth, a wonderful series about discovering yourself, growing up and feeling lost. All at the same time.

I am Earth had its world premiere at Séries Mania 2022, the most important television fiction festival in France, and now comes to Spain thanks to Serielizados Fest Barcelona.

Amy Black Ndiaye is Odine in ‘I am Earth’