Masterclass DAMA: 'Cardo' - Serielizados
SZS Fest Barcelona 2022

Masterclass DAMA: ‘Cardo’

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21 October, 2022 18:00

Serielizados Fest and DAMA Autor organizes this masterclass open to the public about the dialogue and music of ‘Cardo’, by Ana Rujas and Alex de Lucas.

Cardo changed the game. The series starring Ana Rujas and Claudia Costafreda overtook series that are many times its size. Variety -one of the most important magazines in the audiovisual industry-, placed Cardo on the podium of the best international series of 2021.

The series chronicles the excesses of an entire generation: daughters of the 21st century, babies of seven-channel television, the technology boom phenomenon, social networks, and memes about mental health. Through María (Ana Rujas), its protagonist, the lives of many are explained.

cardo atresplayer serie rujas

Ana Rujas in Cardo.

In this series, in addition to fiction, there is also truth. María is a woman in whom her creators have captured their own experiences and those of their friends, drawing a character with all those things that resonate and disturb them and their environment. A series that avoids great artifices, where the key is the use of certain narrative codes that we have been seeing in all fiction written by women in recent years.

One of these codes is the music. Aggressive, calm, ambient, provocative… the soundtrack of Cardo is one of the fundamental pillars of the series. Created by Álex de Lucas, singer of The Parrots, in Serielizados Fest we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to bring together its composer and the protagonist of the series to talk about how music dialogues with images.

That’s why Serielizados Fest has organized a masterclass open to the public where Álex de Lucas and Ana Rujas will talk about the creative process, development and importance of Cardo’s soundtrack, and how it helps to frame the problems of a generation straddling an uncertain future, a placid past and a convulsive present.


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