'La Ruta' (ATRESplayer PREMIUM)
SZS Fest Barcelona 2022

‘La Ruta’ (ATRESplayer PREMIUM)

Sections Premiere

22 October, 2022 21:00

One of the most anticipated and ambitious Spanish series of the season lands at Serielizados Fest to offer the preview of its first episode with the cast and artistic team of the series.

This ticket gives access to the Closing Party with the djs Fran Lenaers and Luis Costa, at the Pati de les Dones of the CCCB.

La Ruta Destroy (aka Ruta del Bakalao) was not only music and entertainment, according to several experts in the Spain of the transition, it was a free access to leisure and colonization of public space by the working class. A social phenomenon that annoyed the most conservative and was persecuted until its end in 1996. In addition, of course, to being a lysergic escape route for thousands of Spaniards with an endless desire to party.

Atresmedia has had the wonderful idea of capturing this historic decade of the clubbing movement in Spain, something that until then, although it seems impossible, did not exist. And has done so with an artistic team at the height of this epic. La Ruta is created by Borja Soler, Goya 2022 nominee for his short film Mindanao, and co-director of Antidisturbios, and Roberto Martín Maiztegui, co-writer of the series La Valla.

The series stars Àlex Monner, Claudia Salas, Ricardo Gómez, Elisabet Casanovas and Guillem Barbosa.

According to the platform, it is the journey of a group of friends from Sueca, from their farewell in a massified Ruta Destroy, in 1993, to the day they entered Barraca for the first time, in 1981.

Marc, Toni, Nuria y Lucas go from innocence to maturity along the most significant -and also less known- years of the Ruta Destroy or Ruta del Bakalao. Their journey begins around the age of eighteen and ends at the age of thirty.

The most important years of their lives, the ones that defined who they are and determined their entire future. The years that Valencia spent dancing. The ones we all would like to have lived and the ones that only some can remember.

The preview will be hosted by the creative team of the series and the starring cast. There will be a discussion open to the public afterwards.

And the party, where does it continue? At the Pati de les Dones!

When the series ends, the party begins. After the premiere of ‘La Ruta’ we will dance with the sessions of the legendary djs Fran Lenaers and Luis Costa at the Pati de les Dones of the CCCB, a minute walk from the Teatre del CCCB. Open air, nineties electronica and beer. This is how we will close the 9th edition of Serielizados Fest.

This ticket to attend the preview of ‘La Ruta’ gives access to the Closing Party.

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