An anthem factory: How mákina changed clubbing
SZS Fest Barcelona 2022

An anthem factory: How mákina changed clubbing

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Primavera Pro and Serielizados collaborate in this conversation guided by Niwen Paola (Hardcore Wizards) with DJ Skudero and Xavi Metralla (Pont Aeri) about the influence of mákina music.

Not only in a club, but also at a big party, at a wedding or in the car. In 2022, some of the tracks that marked a generation in the 90s and 2000s still give us goosebumps. Everything seemed better if the bass at the party was loud. It wasn’t just mad tempos; it was songs for those who were looking for an oasis of freedom.

On Saturday 22nd October at 18:30, Primavera Pro will inaugurate a new season at the Serielizados Festival at the CCCB. Hazard Wizards’ DJ Niwen Paola will dissect some of the key aspects of hardcore and mákina culture, together with the legendary residents of Pont Aeri, DJ Skudero and Xavi Metralla.

They will analyse how the genre was shaped in the 90s and 2000s, and why, since its decline, it still has a powerful nostalgia surrounding it.

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