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Serielizados Fest Barcelona 2023

Podcast + Film: Sopa de Miso and ‘One Piece Film: Red’

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We celebrate the figure of Eiichirō Oda and the impact of the iconic One Piece series with a double session that includes a special program of our anime podcast and the re-release of the One Piece Film: Red.

Who hasn’t ever wanted to enter the pirate world of One Piece? This session with Sopa de Miso and the screening of One Piece Film: Red is a unique opportunity to enter the particular universe, of the well-known mangaka Eiichirō Oda.

Before the screening of One Piece Film: Red, at Phenomena in Barcelona, the first live broadcast of the new season of the anime podcast in catalan produced by Serielizados, Sopa de miso, will take place. Presented by Mariona Borrull and Adriana Díaz, this special session dedicated to the world of One Piece will open the fourth season of the podcast; a perfect opportunity for Sopa de miso fans to watch and participate live in the podcast.

After Sopa de Miso, it’s time to delve into One Piece Film: Red, through the story of Uta, the world’s number one and most beloved singer, who is about to give her first live concert in front of an audience of pirates, marines and all sorts of fans.


Although she has always hidden his identity, it is said that his singing voice is so wonderful that it seems to come from “another dimension”. Now, a live concert will be held where she will appear in person for the first time in front of an audience. The long-awaited voice that everyone wants to hear is set to resound as crowds of colorful pirates, marines who keep their eyes on him, Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates, who are attracted to Uta’s voice without knowing it, and all sorts of Uta’s fans fill the place. The story kicks off with the shocking revelation that Uta is Shanks’ daughter.

Considered as one of the best films in the franchise, One Piece Film: Red was released worldwide in celebration of the manga’s 25th anniversary. A surprisingly deep and emotional film that even if you’ve never seen any of One Piece, it offers everything you need to make it work as a standalone, with tons of action and an absolutely brilliant soundtrack. An intense and absorbing journey, which once again demonstrates the overflowing creativity of its creator, giving us a visual feast, intense, crazy and in love with adventure.

  • Film dubbed in Catalan.
  • Live podcast in Catalan.
  • Total running time: 150 minutes.