Tribute: 30 years since 'Oh! Europa'
Serielizados Fest Barcelona 2023

Tribute: 30 years since ‘Oh! Europa’

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18 October, 2023 19:00

Three decades after the premiere of Dagoll Dagom’s ‘Oh! Europa’ (TV3)! Serielizados Fest celebrates the legacy of a series engraved in our memories.

A tribute with the presence of part of the original creative team and cast, moderated by Oriol Puig Taulé.

“I imagined it bigger!”

With this phrase Ampariues sentenced each monument visited by an eclectic group of strangers who, thanks to a raffle of their bank, are dedicated to travel around the European Union by bus. One of the first catchphrases in the history of the Catalan series that still today gives for more than one good running gag. The year? 1993, a time of hope and community illusion that Dagoll Dagom knew how to capture with Oh! Europa, a “traveler comedy” full of endearing characters and full of memorable cameos.

30 years later, at Serielizados Fest Barcelona, we meet again with these continental travelers to pay tribute to a beloved series. After the screening of an episode, we will have the presence of its director, screenwriter (as well as one of the main characters) Joan Lluís Bozzo, the director and producer Anna Rosa Cisquella and the actors Marc Cartes, Victòria Pagès and Rosa Gámiz.

Oh Europa

The crew of the series in the middle of filming.

És el moment de trobar-nos per veure les fotos i vídeos (en VHS) del viatge, tal i com feien els protagonistes d’Oh!Europa a l’inici de la sèrie. Una sessió moderada pel periodista Oriol Puig Taulé on, recordarem als seus personatges i actors més emblemàtics com el Pepe Cruz, la Montserrat Carulla o la Montse Pérez, les músiques originals de cada capítol i la mítica sintonia inicial de Jaume Sisa. També explicarem les anècdotes i els secrets de rodatge darrera d’una comèdia clàssica, abord d’un petit autobús, per on van passar cares conegudes com Pepe Rubianes, Ronald Koeman, el Tricicle o Guillermo Montesinos.

It is the moment to meet to see the photos and videos (in VHS) of the trip, just as the main characters of Oh!Europa did at the beginning of the series. A session moderated by journalist Oriol Puig Taulé where we will remember its most emblematic characters and actors such as Pepe Cruz, Montserrat Carulla or Montse Pérez, the original music of each chapter and the mythical opening tune by Jaume Sisa. We will also explain the anecdotes and filming secrets behind a classic comedy, aboard a small bus, where famous faces such as Pepe Rubianes, Ronald Koeman, Tricicle or Guillermo Montesinos passed through.

Screening of a chapter
Colloquium afterwards, moderated by journalist Oriol Puig Taulé, with the presence of:

  • Joan Lluís Bozzo, director, screenwriter and actor.
  • Anna Rosa Cisquella, director, producer and actress.
  • Rosa Gámiz, actress who plays in La Fina.
  • Victòria Pagès, actress who plays Meritxell.
  • Marc Cartes, actor who plays Robert.