Special 60 years of 'Doctor Who': 'Doctor Who Am I' (Documentary)
Serielizados Fest Filmin 2023

Special 60 years of ‘Doctor Who’: ‘Doctor Who Am I’ (Documentary)

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17 October, 2023 10:00
29 October, 2023 00:00

At Serielizados Fest 2023 we celebrate 60 years of Doctor Who with the online screening on Filmin of the documentary Doctor Who Am I, which tells the story of Matthew Jacobs, the most hated scriptwriter by ‘Doctor Who’ fans, who embarks on a journey of reconciliation through a particular road trip to fan conventions across the United States.

60 years is not an everyday occurrence. Especially not for a series. This 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who and we want to celebrate it with the documentary Doctor Who Am I, which tells the story of the infoamous Doctor Who TV movie, starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, which was conceived to launch the franchise in the US in 1996.

The controversial relaunch was met with a very cold reception from fans around the world, becoming disowned and rejectec by the ‘Whovian’ community. As a result, Matthew Jacobs is the most hated writer by fans of the legendary Doctor Who.

A quarter of a century later he is reluctantly dragged back into the Whoniverse to confront the fandom that rejected his American remake. A journey through American fan conventions as he sets out to delve back into the magnificent world of science fiction to re-evaluate his relationship with the Doctor Who franchise and American fandom.

This funny and emotionally dangerous documentary is a beautiful exploration of fan culture, in which Matthew ultimately and unexpectedly finds himself as part of this close-knit, yet vast, family of fans. Doctor Who Am I features the original cast of the 1996 film, including Paul McGann (The Three Musketeers, Queen of the Damned), Eric Roberts (Inherent Vice, The Dark Knight, The Expendables) and Daphne Ashbrook (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and explores a pivotal moment in Doctor Who history.

Country: United States
Directed by: Matthew Jacobs, Vanessa Yuille
Starring: Matthew Jacobs, Daphne Ashbrook, Paul Booth, Nicholas Briggs, Eric Roberts, Paul McGann