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Short Form: ‘Martine à la plage’

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17 October, 2023 00:00
29 October, 2023 00:00

From Quebec comes Martine à la Plage, a series that immerses us in the point of view of a teenager who is madly in love and unashamedly imaginative.

Martine Racra’s life is aimless. Between her family’s outdoor swimming pool and an absent father, the fourteen-year-old is bored until her optometrist neighbour, Gilbert Marcel, gives her her first pair of glasses and Martine falls madly in love with him.

To see him again, she intentionally ruins the glasses. Looking through the distortion of her new glasses, she sees ghosts, ghosts of love. When she learns that Gilbert is taking his family on holiday to Old Orchard Beach, she does everything she can to accompany him… Martine à la Plage is an aquatic comedy that descends into extreme darkness. Martine, a mermaid with hallucinations, plunges below the waterline that separates fantasy from delirium.

Original version (French) with Catalan and Spanish subtitles.
Approximate running time per episode: 12 minutes.

Country: Quebec
Created by: Simon Boulerice, Christian Lalumière
Starring: Gabrielle B. Thuot, Jean-Moïse Martin, Marie-Evelyne Lessard, Emma Lafrenière, Stéphane Breton, Victoria Diamond, Monika Pilon