Short Form: 'Lordson & Jesus'
SZS Fest Filmin 2022

Short Form: ‘Lordson & Jesus’

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18 October, 2022 09:00
30 October, 2022 23:00

Serielizados Fest premieres this Brazilian animated series that ironically depicts the problems that affect such a socially and economically unequal country.

Lordson & Jesus sounds like a classic sitcom starring two friends. And in a way it is, but not only. Under its appearance of a light entertainment proposal, with a certain propensity for primary humor, it also hides a committed look at contemporary Brazil.

The series created by Luciano Lagares denounces political corruption, citizen insecurity and violence suffered especially by the poorest inhabitants, the proliferation of unhealthy food, the rise of increasingly unreliable Uber-type companies… A review of some of the problems affecting many first world countries with extreme inequality.