Short Form: 'Gloria Caníbal'
SZS Fest Filmin 2022

Short Form: ‘Gloria Caníbal’

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18 October, 2022 09:00
30 October, 2022 23:00

Serielizados presents Christian Flores’ series, ‘Gloria Caníbal’, another example of his infinite creativity and particular absurd humor.

A lover of nonsense, the synthetic and surreal, and always with an overflowing creativity, Gloria Caníbal is a tremendously innovative audiovisual proposal. In the key of absurd comedy, these short animated pieces talk about the irrational in the ordinary.

Audiovisual creator and music composer, Christian Flores is self-taught and interested in the new type of audiovisual proposal generated on the Internet with special emphasis on comedy, knowledge and music. He has worked in several entertainment platforms such as Diffferent Entertainment or Playground.

At the end of 2017 he created ‘Velaske, yo soi guapa?‘, aka “el trap de Las meninas“, in which he combines music, comedy and art history in a video that accumulates more than 12 million views on Youtube.

– Christian Flores is the artist who has created the official spot for the 9th Serielizados Fest: