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Serielizados Fest Barcelona 2023

Projection Official Com: ‘Sous Contrôle’

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19 October, 2023 11:00

Serielizados Fest premieres Sous Contrôle, this funny political satire, winner of the French series section in Séries Mania.

Marie Tessier, 45, head of an NGO, is appointed Foreign Minister of the French government on the same day that five Europeans, including two French nationals, are taken hostage by terrorists in the Sahel. Turning the crisis into a personal matter, Marie quickly crosses all red lines and tries to give the impression that everything is under control.

Straddling the corridors of the Elysée and the desert territories of the Sahel, the series humorously narrates the ineffectiveness of a political class that delights in believing that everything is “under control”, as the name suggests.

A wacky political series halfway between Parliament and Veep, starring Léa Drucker, Samir Guesmi and Laurent Stocker, created by Charly Delwart and directed by Erwan Le Duc.

Original version (French) with Catalan subtitles.
Approximate duration per episode: 30 minutes.

Country: France
Created by: Charly Delwart
Starring: Léa Drucker, Samir Guesmi, Patrick d’Assumçao