Premiere + Q&A: 'No me gusta conducir' (TNT)
SZS Fest Barcelona 2022

Premiere + Q&A: ‘No me gusta conducir’ (TNT)

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Serielizados Fest previews ‘No me gusta conducir’, TNT’s new original series, with the presence of its director, Borja Cobeaga, and the leading actors, Juan Diego Botto and Lucía Caraballo.

Inspired by the director’s own experience, the series tells the story of Pablo (Juan Diego Botto), a 40-year-old university professor, somewhat self-absorbed and grumpy, who is forced to get his driving license. Pablo is a know-it-all who discovers when he signs up for driving school that he still has a lot to learn.

As soon as the classes starts, he will meet Yolanda (Lucía Caraballo), one of his students at the university, with whom Pablo will establish a curious relationship: teacher and student at the faculty, classmates at the driving school.

I got my driver’s license at the age of 42, and everyone who heard about my late learning told me their own anecdotes or traumas from their driving school days. Either they got it as soon as they turned 18 and at the first time, or when they were older, after many attempts and many shots to control their nerves. All of them had a peculiar driving school teacher, an examiner who had a grudge against them and they remember their driving school experience as a source of stories to tell. My own experience is what gave rise to this series”, says Borja Cobeaga.

Juan Diego Botto is Pablo

Borja Cobeaga (San Sebastian, 1977) is a screenwriter, filmmaker and director. His film debut was in 2001 with the short film La primera vez, which was nominated for the Goya awards. After working in television in programs such as Vaya semanita, Splunge or Gran hermano, in 2005 he received a nomination, nothing more and nothing less, to the Oscars for his short film Éramos pocos. In 2009 he released his first feature film, Pagafantas, which was followed by No controles, Negociador and Fe de etarras. And now he comes to the small screen and to Serielizados Fest by TNT with the funny and personal No me gusta conducir.


Premiere of the first three chapters.
Discussion with the director, Borja Cobeaga, and the main actors, Juan Diego Botto and Lucía Caraballo. Moderator: Pere Solà