Premiere: 'Las vidas de Fèlix' (HBO Max) - Serielizados
Serielizados Fest Barcelona 2023

Premiere: ‘Las vidas de Fèlix’ (HBO Max)

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21 October, 2023 17:00

Serielizados Fest Barcelona exclusively premieres the HBO Max documentary series, Las vidas de Fèlix, in a session that will be attended by the team.

Who is Fèlix Colomer Vallés? and who is he to have a series about his life (or lives)? This documentary series is a story that works almost like a letter to his son, in which Fèlix, tells, in first person, and shows his multiple obsessions, professions and hobbies.


A documentary series that will interest the fans of How to with John Wilson. At 29 years old, Fèlix has been a documentary filmmaker, porn film director, trap singer, protestor, radical vegan, chess player and above all a storyteller of his own life. This is the second documentary series he has made for HBO Max after the acclaimed Vitals where he followed the COVID19 outbreak from inside the Parc Taulí hospital in Sabadell.

‘Las vidas de Fèlix’ is a Minoria Absoluta production for HBO Max and will premiere soon.

Screening of two chapters
Presentation by the team
Language: Catalan

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