Preestreno: 'The Killing Kind' (AXN Now) - Serielizados
Serielizados Fest Barcelona 2023

Preestreno: ‘The Killing Kind’ (AXN Now)

Sections Premiere Projection

19 October, 2023 19:00

Serielizados Fest premieres The Killing Kind, a thrilling drama series written and created by Zara Hayes and Jonathan A.H. Stewart, based on the bestselling novel by Jane Casey.

The Killing Kind explores the passionate relationship (past and present) between a reputable lawyer, Ingrid Lewis, and her client John Webster, a successful businessman whom she defended against harassment charges before he turned against her.

Ingrid has represented Webster in court in the past when he was accused of harassing his ex-partner and won the case. But everything took a 180-degree turn when she became attracted to him, and she decided to embark on an illicit relationship with the businessman. When Ingrid wanted to end the situation, John did not accept it, and as a result, the lawyer’s world began to crumble.

In the present, we see how Ingrid tries to rebuild her life. But tragedy strikes again when Belinda, one of her best friends and mentor, is run over on a busy London street. Although Ingrid suspects she was the real target, the police are not convinced and don’t know where to turn. It is then that Webster reappears in her life, claiming that only he can protect her. But… can Ingrid trust Webster?

  • Original version (English) with subtitles in Spanish.
  • Live talk with the ‘Pantalleros’ team of the programme Via Lliure on RAC1: Toni Garcia Ramon, Òscar Broc, Noemí Escribano and Blai Morell. 
  • Total duration: 90 minutes.

Country: United Kingdom
Created by: Zara Hayes, Jonathan Stewart
Starring: Emma Appleton, Colin Morgan, Sara Powell, Kerr Logan, Sophie Stanton, Elliot Barnes-Worrell 

With the collaboration of: