Podcast: 'Oye Polo'
SZS Fest Barcelona 2022

Podcast: ‘Oye Polo’

Sections Live Podcast

19 October, 2022 21:30

Oye Sherman and Ana Polo, directors of Oye Polo (RPS) to offer a live session at Serielizados Fest

At this point, there’s no introduction needed. Defined by the New York Times (yes friends, the New York Times), as “an hour of nonsense by two clowns who would be billing twelve thousand euros a month if the world was a fair place. Oye Polo (Radio Primavera Sound) is a podcast that walks between feminist criticism, irony, humor about everyday life and social media.

What happened this month? What happened a decade ago but we want to comment today because why not? What will happen in our favorite series?

The duo behind Oye Polo

A marvelous mix of feminism, millenials, internet, memes and comedy where Sherman and Polo talk, ramble, talk and ramble again about those things that interest them and are linked to their personal environment and their present.

At Serielizados Fest we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to witness live one of his talks. For those interested, sign up: October 19 at 21:30h at the CCCB Theater -headquarter of the festival- where we will talk about everything and more.


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