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Serielizados Fest Filmin 2023

Panorama: ‘The Following Events Are Based on a Pack of Lies’

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Serielizados Fest premieres The Following Events Are Based on a Pack of Lies, the story of two very different women, Alice and Cheryl, and the man they have in common: Dr. Rob Chance.

Cheryl is a writer of fantasy novels who has just lost a loved one and lives alone with her poodle, Goblin. Alice is a formidable personal assistant who lives in a bungalow with her young son, and his partner. Rob is an eccentric celebrity ecopreneur (allegedly).

Three apparent strangers with nothing in common… except Rob’s delusions. We all know the story of the dastardly but charming con man who runs a diabolical scam. That story is as old as the con itself. But, this is not THAT story.

This is a story about lies and artifice, about our weakness for self-deception, and about the rapid rise of the modern con man. It is the story of an unexpected friendship between two very different women and the power they will discover when they raise their voices in joyful anger. When they finally find the courage and self-confidence to take charge, the con begins in an attempt to take down a sociopathic predator.

Versión original (inglés) subtitulada en castellano y catalán.
Duración aproximada de los capítulos: 60 minutos. 

United Kingdom
Cre: Ginny Skinner, Penelope Skinner  
Cast: Rebekah Staton, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Alistair Petrie, Romola Garai, Derek Jacobi