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Panorama: ‘The Change’

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17 October, 2023 10:00
29 October, 2023 00:00

‘The Change’ is a sharp comedy series that follows Linda, a 50-year-old woman, at a very “delicate” time in her life: menopause.

Bridget Christie writes and stars in The Change, her comedy debut, as Linda, a wife, mother and retail worker who reaches a critical point on her 50th birthday. It’s not just menopause. It’s also her husband’s lack of excitement and initiative, her teenage children’s open contempt for her, and society’s general denial of the existence of women past 50.

That’s why Linda decides to make up for lost time and embarks on an adventure of self-discovery heading for the Forest of Dean, where she hid a time capsule when she was 10 years old.

Versión original (inglés) con subtítulos en castellano y catalán.
Duración aproximada de los capítulos: 25 minutos.

United Kingdom
Created by: Bridget Christie
Cast: Bridget Christie, Monica Dolan, Susan Lynch