Panorama: 'Poemas Malditos' - Serielizados
Serielizados Fest Filmin 2023

Panorama: ‘Poemas Malditos’

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17 October, 2023 10:00
29 October, 2023 00:00

Serielizados Fest presents Poemas Malditos, a Chilean series where different stories starring women intertwine in an electrifying thriller set in the early twentieth century.

A woman persecuted by suspicions of witchcraft, the daughter of a young woman possessed by the devil, two women who live a secret love, and a man tormented by his demons who ends up participating in a massacre. These are the stories that make up the dark and magical scenario of Poemas Malditos.

The series focuses on four female protagonists with stories set in rural Chile in the early twentieth century, inspired by the verses of the Lira Popular. With a characteristic poetic and visual style that combines real cases from 19th and 20th century detective chronicles with stories passed down orally from generation to generation, Poemas Malditos revolves around four fascinating female characters in these chronicles full of mystery, terror and suspense.

Original version (Spanish).
Run time: 30 minutes.

Created by: Enrique Videla, Paula del Fierro, Migue Angel Rodriguez
Cast: Paula Luchsinger, Gonzalo Valenzuela, Consuelo Carreño, Carolina Sagredo