'Los Prisioneros' (Chile) - Serielizados Fest Filmin
SZS Fest Filmin 2022

Panorama: ‘Los Prisioneros’

Sections Panorama

18 October, 2022 09:00
30 October, 2022 23:00

“Los Prisioneros”, follows the key moments of this band career as they become an iconic band, whose impact is still felt today.

The 80’s. Los Prisioneros are a rock band led by the charismatic and provocative Jorge Gonzalez who is on the verge of achieving international success. Persecuted by the military in the midst of the dictatorship, censored by radio and television, Los Prisioneros must survive an intense period of their lives that takes them to the stages of Chile, Peru and Colombia during one of the most convulsive times in modern Latin American history.

Directed by the award-winning director of Magallanes (2015), Los Prisioneros brings us closer to a filmography as interesting as the Chilean one, always characterized by the political and social events that have marked the country. Throughout key moments of their career, the series tells us about the life of the three members of Los Prisioneros, as they become an iconic band whose impact is still felt today.