Panorama: 'Joe vs Carole'
SZS Fest Filmin 2022

Panorama: ‘Joe vs Carole’

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18 October, 2022 09:00
30 October, 2022 23:00

The conflict between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin from ‘Tiger King’ takes on another dimension, and new perspectives, in this miniseries that adapts the famous podcast of the same title.

The story we all know is only a small part of what hides the unusual freak world of Tiger King. This miniseries produced by NBC turns the famous characters of the docuseries into fictional characters played by actors such as Kate McKinnon, John Cameron Mitchell or Kyle MacLachlan.

The three of them, along with an extensive cast, are in charge of giving life, respectively, to Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and her husband Howard. A rivalry between feline “lovers” that gets out of hand, becoming the most kitsch and dehumanizing example of the decadence of American capitalism.

From the redneck corners of America comes a new look, full of black comedy, at a true story that continues to leave us with stellar moments.