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Panorama: ‘Désobéir: le choix de Chantale Daigle’

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17 October, 2023 10:00
29 October, 2023 00:00

Désobéir: le choix de Chantale Daigle tells the impressive story of the trial between Chantale Daigle and Jean-Guy Tremblay in 1989.

Pregnant at the time of their separation, Chantale decides to have an abortion. But her husband, wounded in his pride, tries to stop her and drags her to court in a desperate attempt to annul her and keep her by his side. It is then that Chantale’s life will take a dramatic turn as she finds herself caught in the middle of a media and political storm where she will have to find the strength to defend her choice before the Supreme Court of Canada.

A series about a real case little known to the public, narrated from the perspective of a woman who fought to have her right to decide about her own body recognized. A theme that continues to resonate strongly today, confirming that the active struggle for women’s rights is (unfortunately) still very much needed.

Original version (French) with Spanish and Catalan subtitles.
Run time per episode: 45 minutes.

Created by: Daniel Thibault, Isabelle Pelletier
Cast : Éléonore Loiselle, Antoine Pilon, Denis Trudel, Juliette Gosselin