Opening premiere: 'Smiley' - Serielizados
SZS Fest Barcelona 2022

Opening premiere: ‘Smiley’

Sections Premiere

Serielizados Fest opens its 9th edition with the world premiere of ‘Smiley’, the new Netflix series starring Carlos Cuevas and Miki Esparbé.

The new Netflix series adapts the play by Guillem Clua (National Playwriting Award 2022), starring Carlos Cuevas (Alguien tiene que morir, Merlí) and Miki Esparbé (El inocente, Reyes de la noche). This drama, produced by Minoría Absoluta, narrates a romance between two strangers, Àlex and Bruno. The cast is completed by Pepón Nieto (Los hombres de Paco, Sé quién eres), Meritxell Calvo (Amar es para siempre, Pulsaciones), Giannina Fruttero (La jauría, Ema), Eduardo Lloveras (Intimidad, The one), Ruth Llopis (Durante la tormenta, Valeria) and Ramon Pujol (Ciega a citas, El perfume: historia de un asesino).

The story of Smiley begins by introducing us to Àlex, a young man who has just had a disappointment in his love life. This young man (Carlos Cuevas), was excited about a guy who, after a few weeks, ghosted him. And of course, he is not amused. So Alex decides to pick up the phone and ask for explanations with a voice message. What he doesn’t know is that this decision will have unexpected consequences… because he ends up sending the audio by mistake to Bruno (Miki Esparbé), whom he doesn’t know at all. From this innocent mistake, a chain of events will take place and change Àlex and Bruno’s lives forever.


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According to its creator, Guillem Clua, who is in charge of adapting his own play for television, “Smiley is the greatest love story I have ever lived. It started with something very small and has grown over the years to become something that has changed my life. In all this time Smiley has touched the souls of thousands of people in theaters around the world and it makes me very happy that it can continue to do so from a platform as proud of diversity as Netflix.”

The screening will be attended by the series’ starring cast, as well as the creative team.
After the screening of Smiley, the protagonists will hold a colloquium in front of the audience.