Official Selection: 'Susupicion'
SZS Fest Madrid 2022

Official Selection: ‘Suspicion’

Serielizados Fest premieres in Spain, ‘Suspicion’, a chilling thriller about the destructive power of appearances.

Nurse Hana Kučerová (Klára Melíšková) never smiles and treats her patients badly, often breaking the rules. And she is just as harsh and uncompromising with her teenage daughter Tereza (Denisa Barešová), with whom she has a strained relationship.

When a patient dies under suspicious circumstances, the lives of mother and daughter are suddenly turned upside down. The town, the media, the police and even some of her colleagues believe that she is guilty, so both will women undergo the most difficult trial of their lives.

Tereza (Denisa Barešová) in Suspicion

This three-part miniseries, inspired by dozens of real cases, reflects the power of manipulation, the influence of the media on public opinion and the social plight of the inhabitants of a small town. Revealing its information gradually, Suspicion blames no one; it is dedicated to showing us how the truth often differs from mere appearance or the preconceived ideas we have of others.

This is a perfect blend of crime, mystery, medical drama and family drama.

According to its creator, Štěpán Hulík, the fact that the series is premiering in these times of the rise of the TV thriller is purely accidental: “The origins of the project goes back to 2017, when the interest in true crime was nowhere near as strong as it is now. […] Personally, I see it as a genre that, if done well, can serve as a basis for raising serious social or psychological issues. That’s what I find most attractive about our story.”

A perfect blend of crime, mystery, medical drama and family drama. A combination that allows the series to talk about the lives of those who have sometimes been relegated to the margins. Normal people who have had to face difficult and painful situations.

Screening of the first chapter.
Original version (Czech) with spanish subtitles.