Official Selection: 'Esterno Notte'
SZS Fest Madrid 2022

Official Selection: ‘Esterno Notte’

Serielizados Fest premieres in Spain this exciting biopic about the politician Aldo Moro, directed by the prestigious Italian filmmaker Marco Bellocchio.

This political drama brings us the true story of Aldo Moro, leader of the Christian Democrats and supporter of a historic alliance with the Communist Party (PCI) in 1978. On the very day of the inauguration ceremony of this new formation, Moro was ambushed and kidnapped. His body was found lifeless 55 days later.

Bellochio already talked about this case in the film Buongiorno Notte (2003), considered one of his best films. In the film he narrated minute by minute the kidnapping and murder of Moro, and his relationship with the members of the Leninist Red Brigades, leaving aside what was happening outside.

Almost 20 years later, the director returns to tell the story. All the political moves, the conspiracies, pacts, internal quarrels and problems that arose before, during and after the “Moro case”. In order to tell the story of all these events, which shocked and changed the socio-politics of the country forever, Bellochio chose to expand the story with a series.

Screening of the first chapter.
Original version (Italian) with spanish subtitles.