Official Selection: 'Big Boys'
SZS Fest Barcelona 2022

Official Selection: ‘Big Boys’

Serielizados Fest premieres in Spain ‘Big Boys’, a funny autobiographical sitcom by comedian Jack Rooke.

The shy and lovable Jack (Dylan Llewellyn), hero and protagonist of this story, is a 19-year-old boy raised in Watford, England.

Jack has spent the last year cooped up at home with his mother, grieving the death of his father, but the time has come for him to take charge of his life, leave his mother’s nest and find his place in college (and in life). It is there that he meets Danny (Jonathan Pointing), his roommate, an older student with whom he will develop an unlikely, curious and tender friendship.

Big Boys is a hilarious comedy, framed within the broad coming-of-age concept, about two boys who  although they are at seemingly opposite ends of the “masculinity spectrum“, end up becoming best friends during the first week of classes at Brent University.

Dylan llewellyn ‘Jack’ and Yemi’ Olisa Odele

Big Boys is a fun and fresh story of personal exploration, where Jack must figure out what he really wants in life, even if it means ‘abandoning’ his beloved mother Peggy, who has convinced him to accept a scholarship to college so he can do something with his life and not stay at home “masturbating and knitting blankets to sell on Etsy

Danny, the ‘Sancho Panza’ of this story, is a loud and proud 25-year-old kid from a decaying seaside town. He, being a few years older than all the other freshmen, will try to (re)live his lost adolescence while facing the demons of his own mental health.

And that’s how we follow their first year at Brent University as they explore, experiment and try to discover themselves, helping each other along the way.

Straddling the line between fiction and autobiography, Big Boys is narrated by comedian and series creator Jack Rooke. He drew on his award-winning stand-up shows (Happy Hour and Love Letters) and his own experiences in writing the series.

Screening of the first three episodes.
Original version (English) with Catalan subtitles.
Run time: 80 minutes.