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Serielizados Fest Barcelona 2023

Official Competition projection: ‘L’air d’aller’

Sections Projection

19 October, 2023 12:30

L’air d’aller  is a touching and unusual comedy that reveals how sick people can be happier than healthy people. 

This is the inspiring story of four friends suffering from cystic fibrosis, who rediscover their will to live when they learn that one of them might die before the end of autumn. Shocked by the news, they promise themselves that every day must be memorable (for better or worse).

They do not feel sick when they are together, but it is through the eyes of healthy people that they feel different. That’s why they decide to live intensely their remaining days by freeing themselves from the prejudices and opinions of others.

Brilliantly written, directed and acted, L’air d’aller is not your conventional series. It is not s story about illness either; it’s about life, friendship, dreams and the people who are there for us when things get complicated.

Original version (French) with Spanish and Catalan subtitles.
Approximate duration of the chapters: 25 minutes.
The projection will be introduced by Gaëlle Duverger, head programmer of québécois festival Courts d’un soir

Country: Quebec
Created by: Jean-Christophe Réhel
Starring: Catherine St-Laurent, Antoine Olivier Pilon, Joakim Robillard, Noémie Leduc-Vaudry