Fotogramas presents: 'Reina Roja' (Amazon Prime)
SZS Fest Madrid 2022

Fotogramas presents: ‘Reina Roja’ (Amazon Prime)

Sections Talk

29 October, 2022 12:00

Serielizados Fest will offer a talk with the writer and protagonists of ‘Reina Roja’ about the television adaptation of the literary phenomenon.

When Prime Video announced that Vicky Luengo (Antidisturbios) and Hovik Keuchkerian (Money Heist) would play the roles of Antonia Scott and Jon Gutiérrez in its new Spanish original series Reina Roja, we knew we were in for one of the great TV fiction offerings of the year.

The series will be the adaptation of the first book of Juan Gómez-Jurado’s successful trilogy (Reina Roja, Loba Negra, Rey Blanco), the best-selling book in Spain for the third consecutive year.

The synopsis reads: With an IQ of 242, Antonia Scott is officially the smartest person on Earth. Her intelligence earned her the “Reina Roja” of a secret experimental police project, but what seemed like a gift became a curse, and she ended up losing everything. When the son of a powerful businessman is found murdered in his mansion, and the daughter of the richest man in Spain is kidnapped, the ‘Reina Roja’ organization is set in motion. Mentor, Antonia’s former boss, calls Jon Gutierrez, a hot-tempered cop about to be expelled from the force, to reactivate Antonia. The twisted cat-and-mouse game in which Jon and Antonia become embroiled during their investigation will also help them discover that they admire and complement each other almost as much as they irritate each other. Reina Roja is a disturbing thriller in which the city of Madrid is another protagonist, and which combines the urgency and action of the investigation with the juicy chemistry between its two protagonists.

Antonia Scott has one of the most fascinating minds I have ever read,” said Vicky Luengo. “From the moment I began to learn about her story, I was gripped by its light and complexity. I can’t wait to learn how to deal with his demons.” “Sancho Panza was overdue for an update,” commented future castmate Hovik Keuchkerian.

The series, which recently began its shooting, is produced by Dopamine and Focus with Amaya Muruzábal as showrunner and executive producer. Muruzábal herself and Salvador Perpiñá are in charge of the script.


The subsequent talk will be hosted by Fotogramas, and will include the following guests:

  • Koldo Serra (director of the series).
  • Vicky Luengo (protagonist of the series).
  • Hovik Keuchkerian (protagonist of the series).
  • Amaya Muruzábal (screenwriter of the series).