'Everything you love'

Serielizados Fest Ibiza premieres in Spain the Norwegian series ‘Everything you love’, awarded at the Canneseries festival, by the director of ‘Home Ground’.

After triumphing in Norwegian television, and being awarded at the Cannes series festival this 2022, Everything you love comes to Spain by the hand of Serielizados Fest Santa Eulària des Riu (Ibiza). From the screenwriter of Young & Promising, Marie Hafting, and the director of Home Ground, Stian Kristiansen, this drama asks a question: could I love a Nazi?

Sara has just moved to Oslo. On the subway she recognizes a childhood friend: Jonas. They start talking, feelings come alive, they start dating and it looks like it will be a forever love. Sara and Jonas complement each other perfectly. Moreover, Jonas discovers that his mind calms down when he is with Sara.

Inside Jonas’ mind an endless chain of noxious thoughts is churning. He is on the verge of radicalizing into an extreme right-wing mentality. Jonas has finally found like-minded people. But there’s a problem: most people don’t understand anything at all, and that makes his life with normal people problematic. Jonas often gets into conflicts with his friends because of his political convictions.

Will love defeat extremism?

Then there’s Sara, from whom Jonas hides his thoughts. But one day Sara finds on her phone a forum where Jonas is active, a forum where far-right terrorists are hailed as saints. Sara can no longer ignore that her boyfriend is a neo-Nazi.

He tries to make her understand how the world is wired, and she warns him that he has completely lost his mind. How far is Jonas willing to go into the extremist weave? Will love stop him from sacrificing himself for his ideological conviction? Will Sara still be able to see the person behind all the disturbing thoughts?

‘Everything you love’ won the young jury award in Canneseries 2022.

Everything you love is a series about today’s young people’s concern for the future, about broken dreams, a heady crush, a murderous ideology and the power of love. This session will be presented by  Lorenzo Mejino.

Additional Information

Rated: + 12

Run time: 60 minutes

Language: original language (norwegian) with spanish subtitles