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Serielizados Fest Madrid 2023

El Madrid de las series: ‘El Inmortal’ (Movistar Plus+)

Sections Talk

We will discover how the Movistar Plus+ series, ‘El Inmortal’, was filmed, and in which locations in the city of Madrid, with the help of the series crew.

After its highly praised first season, the second part of the Movistar Plus+ series El Inmortal is preceded by an undisputed success with the press and the public. And no wonder.

El Inmortal is a crime drama directed by David Ulloa and Rafa Montesinos inspired by the life of the leader of the Los Miami gang, which operated in the Madrid nightlife of the turbulent 1990s. The series shows the rise and fall of a criminal reign, built on drug trafficking and extortion. Ambition, luxury, friendship, family, betrayal, love, excess, endless nights and techno music are some of the ingredients of El Inmortal.

Taking advantage of all the references to Madrid in the 90’s, in Serielizados Fest we propose you to experience the series from a different point of view.

The aim of this talk, to be held on Wednesday, October 25 in Madrid, is to analyze the locations and the making of the series created by José Manuel Lorenzo and directed by David Ulloa and Rafa Montesinos.

  • The session will be moderated by journalist Concepción Cascajosa and will include the series crew.


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