Closing: 'Déjate ver' (atresplayer) - Serielizados
Serielizados Fest Madrid 2023

Closing: ‘Déjate ver’ (atresplayer)

Sections Premiere

Serielizados Fest Madrid closes its 10th edition with the exclusive premiere of ‘Déjate ver’ the new atresplayer series directed by Álvaro Carmona.

Nominated for an International Emmy for Best Short Series for Gente hablando, the comedian, screenwriter, musician, composer and illustrator Álvaro Carmona returns to television fiction with his series Déjate ver. The series written and directed by Carmona himself, is centered on Ana, a representative of a world-renowned artist who is beginning to disappear. Starring Macarena Sanz, the artist will try to discover the origin of her disappearance and how to stop it.

Ana has lived in a bubble for the past few years while working as an assistant to Bassil, one of the most famous artists on the planet whose identity is a mystery to the general public, but now that he has begun to disappear she must come face to face with a world with which she feels she doesn’t quite connect. So far he has only lost half a toe, but if he doesn’t want to end up becoming totally invisible, he will have to change his life and leave behind the person he has become.

Déjate ver

The cast also includes Irene Minovas, Joan Amargós, Ramón Barea, Óscar Ladoire, Miki Esparbé, Iván Massagué, César Tormo, Carlos Librado “Nene” and Alba Ribas, among others.

Déjate ver is a dramatic comedy with an author’s stamp and a marked personality that revolves around the search for oneself and the need to transcend in today’s world.

With this idea as a starting point, the series addresses topics such as the concept of identity, personal fulfillment, the world of art and entertainment, loneliness, the idea of family or our current relationship with technology, offering a fresh, new and witty point of view on the search for oneself and the need to transcend in an increasingly absurd world.

  • Screening of the first three episodes.
  • Discussion with the team.


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