20 years of 'The Shield' - Serielizados
SZS Fest Barcelona 2022

20 years of ‘The Shield’

Sections Tribute

Serielizados Fest offers a special screening of the mythical series ‘The Shield’, which AXN recovers on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

We are celebrating. In Serielizados we did not want to miss the opportunity to offer a tribute session to one of the most emblematic (and incorrect) police series on television, which is back on everyone’s mouths on its 20th anniversary. In it, a charismatic unit chief, Vic Mackey, played by Michael Chiklis, patrols the streets of Los Angeles looking for criminals with the most unorthodox methods, such as extortion, torture or blackmail, if it’s necessary.

A unique opportunity to see a true classic in 4:3 in the best cinema in the country: Sala Phenomena. An exquisite bite of nostalgia for the most serious moviegoers and also a great introduction for those who have not yet seen the series. And it doesn’t end here. After years and years of wandering through the desert, AXN channel has taken the wise decision to incorporate The Shield complete in its catalog this winter. So you will be able to continue with the story of Vic and his family very soon.


Screening of the pilot chapter in original version.
Session hosted by
the ‘pantalleros’ from Rac1: Toni Garcia Ramon, Òscar Broc, Noemí Escribano i Blai Morell.

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