Serielizados Fest - Call for Series 2023: Rules and regulations

Call for series 2022: Rules and regulations


The 10th edition of Serielizados Fest, International TV Series Festival, will take place from 17 to 29 October 2023. Since its creation, Serielizados Fest has been selecting series from different origins and formats to select the bulk of its programme. The festival is divided into different sections and includes a competition in the official section. From 22 March 2023 to 14 July 2023 we are opening this Open Call with the aim of receiving projects that fit in with our programme criteria and its different sections. 


During the festival, events and screenings will take place in Barcelona and Madrid, and our selection of series and documentaries will also be available for a limited time period on the VOD platform Filmin. It is geoblocked, protected and only available to users in Spain. Serielizados Fest is open to professional guests and press, but our main goal is to reach the general TV-loving public who want to discover what’s new around the world.


  • Official Selection: Innovative and recent productions, produced from 2022 onwards. They must consist of a first season unreleased in Spain. The section includes an official competition, with two prizes:


    • Jury Prize: Awarded by an international jury made up of industry professionals from different fields and backgrounds, such as screenwriters and showrunners, actors and actresses, specialized journalists, producers and distributors.
    • Young Jury Prize: Awarded by a young local jury selected by the festival.


  • Panorama: Interesting discoveries out of competition. Series with episodes of more than 30 minutes long and unreleased in Spain.


  • Documentary: Documentary films about TV actors, writers or comedians, or about pop culture related to TV consumption (for instance, previously selected documentaries: Chuck Norris vs Communism, The Problem with Apu or The Sopranos Sessions).


  • Short Form: Recently produced series with episodes under 20 minutes in length.


Project submission is free of charge and must be done via this form.


To be eligible to participate, series longer than 35 minutes must include at least the first 2 episodes; series shorter than 35 minutes must include at least the first 3 episodes. Works in progress, with advanced progress, are accepted. This status of the production must be indicated at the time of registration, in the corresponding line of the form. The section in which the project is to be entered must also be specified, although, in the event of being selected, the Programming Committee reserves the right to decide the final section in which the work will be included.


The person submitting the project and including their details on the form must be duly authorized to do so. By filling in the form, you accept the terms and conditions of entry to the festival. Filling in the form implies sending viewing links (they may be password-protected) in order to be able to evaluate the project. Registration in this Open Call phase does not imply final participation in the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to make the final selection based on the programming criteria set by the Programming Committee.


The Festival accepts drama, comedy, animation and documentary series. All screening links for series and feature films must include English subtitles, except for those projects that are already in Catalan, Spanish or English.


Submissions open with the publication of these Rules and Regulations, and close on July the 14th at 23:59 (CET).


The production company or distributor of the selected series and documentaries will be contacted and will receive an entry form. Serielizados Fest will also offer a proposal for the direction of the section and the day, time, place and conditions of screening (Barcelona / Madrid / Filmin) for the approval of the production/distribution company. Submission to the festival implies the acceptance of the Rules and Regulations of Serielizados Fest.


Once selected, the series and documentaries must provide the Festival with high quality publicity material: photographs, posters, press kits, trailers, teasers, etc., so that the Festival can promote them. The Festival reserves the right not to return these materials.


All Serielizados Fest screenings whose original language is not Spanish or Catalan must be subtitled in these languages. Participants are therefore obliged to provide the Festival with English or Spanish subtitle tracks (if available) or separate dialogue lists. In case they are not available in English, other languages will be considered for translation into Spanish and Catalan.



  • Screening material: Projects selected for the 10th edition of Serielizados Fest must send the festival the agreed number of episodes (or in the case of documentary films, the film in its entirety) in digital format, with the following characteristics:


    • Projects with on-site screening: Master ProRes HD (or UHD) 422 with the VO in 5.1 + 2.0 at 25 or 24 fps. Depending on whether the screening venue allows DCP format, the Festival will proceed to its creation from the Master ProRes copy provided. If a DCP has already been created, its use will also be considered.
    • Projects with online projection: Codec: H264 | Format: MP4 | Aspect: 16:9 or 4/3 | Height: 1080px | AVG Bitrate: 10MBPS at 15MBPS | Sound: 5.1 AAC 48Hz 320 or stereo (only 1 audio track mixed) | Framerate: 24 or 25fps.


In the event of providing a screening copy on physical support, the Festival commits to return this copy as soon as possible after the end of the event. The Festival organisers reserve the right to keep the digital files used for archival purposes.


Serielizados Fest’s Rules and Regulations could be changed by the organization, in case of emergency, prior to the 10th edition of Serielizados Fest.


For any questions regarding your participation in Serielizados Fest, please send an email to submissions coordinator, Guillem F. Marí: